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Can stretching make you taller?

8 Jan

There is nothing wrong with being short, and for most of the time, height can be quite subjective, which means what is short or tall to you might be perceived differently by others. But, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting more height.

However, aiming to add those extra inches takes a lot of dedication, particularly if you’re already beyond your growth spurt age. Being in such a challenge will likely bring up some question, such as: what you should eat, what supplements you should take, or even as odd-sounding as -can stretching make you taller? Well, I’m here to answer such queries.

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Starting the Journey Natural Weight Loss After Pregnancy

7 Jun

Lose_Weight_BabyIt is all but natural to gain some weight after giving birth. However, getting back to shape is something many women want to do after giving birth. It is not just for looking good, but for feeling better about themselves and having a healthy body as well.

There are three main things one must remember in order to lose weight after pregnancy: diet, exercise and commitment.

These are very basic things when one thinks about it, but they take a lot of effort. Getting back to shape doesn’t happen overnight! However, here are some other things to make the journey of losing weight after pregnancy a bit more bearable and something to look forward to.

Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

The first thing one must look out for is their eating habits. This includes the following:

  • Fruits and vegetables – Eating fruits and vegetables will give a feeling of being more energized in a natural way. Eating fiber-rich fruits and veggies also makes one feel fuller for a longer period of time which results in having to eat smaller portions.
  • Food portioning – Being starved is not the key to losing weight. Try to eat in smaller portions. Instead of having just three meals a day, why not have 5 or 6 smaller meals or better—“snacks” all throughout the day?
  • Exercise control – It can be very tempting to eat junk food or pizza and deep-fried food items for your small meals. Avoid this! Try to eat wholesome food as much as possible and stay away from tempting foods. Fill the pantry with whole-grain breads and have a basket full of fresh fruits.

After having a better diet planned for losing weight after pregnancy, it is of great importance to shed off the unwanted pounds through exercise. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Gradual progression – Having a long session at the very beginning of your exercise is not good. Allow the body to adjust. Start with just 5 to 10 minutes a day before progressing to longer workout sessions.
  • Exercise from home – Simple exercises like going up and down the stairs or lifting some makeshift weights can help tone the legs and arms.
  • Target the abs – After being stretched, toning the abdominal area and reducing the looseness with the right exercise routines.

Lastly, make sure to give enough effort and a firm commitment to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Sticking to your plan for weigh loss can make you see the results faster.

Benefits of Losing Weight after Pregnancy

After all the efforts that a post-partum mother puts to losing weight, here are the benefits that you can experience:

  • Feel much lighter and capable to do more tasks
  • Fit right into those slim and stylish clothes and leave the maternity clothes for the next baby
  • Have more energy to take care of the little one
  • Regain the self-esteem of having a fit body even after giving birth

Women value being fit and attractive even after becoming a mother; both to please their partners and to feel good about themselves. Follow these healthy tips to lose weight after pregnancy and have a great body even after giving birth!

Counting Your Way to Losing Weight Safely

5 Jun

Weighing-Scales-For individuals who would like to lose weight, sticking to a weight loss plan is essential. An effective planincludes the food that you consume as well as physical activity that help burn those extra fats. Aside from a food plan and an exercise regimen, your discipline and commitment will help you achieve the weight you have always desired.

To effectively lose weight without having to go for expensive surgeries or short of starving yourself to death, committing to a weight loss plan can help in shedding off extra fats and making unhealthy food choices.This weight loss plan should also include an exercise routine to further quicken the process of losing those extra pounds.

A visit to a nutritionist or dietitian can help you with the accurate calorie intake you should have to lose weight but still have the energy for your day to day activities. Remember,  cutting down on food intake should never be your weight loss plan.

The Importance of Calorie Counting

Each food item a person takes has a certain number of calories. Every day, the advised number of calories for men and women respectively are 2,000kcal and 1,500kcal. When on a diet, subtracting a hundred to three hundred calories can help in the typical weight loss regimen.

Counting the calorie intake of a person can help in determining whether he or she is getting just enough or going beyond the daily recommended calorie intake. Exceeding the recommended calorie intake may lead to unnecessary fats and sugars in the body which, in turn, lead to weightgain.

To be successful, a person’s total intake of calories should be less than the amount that he or she is able to burn with daily activities. Initially, it may seem hard to do, but after practice and awareness of how much calories usual food items have in contrast to the number of calories that exercising burns, it will be much simpler.

Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss plan consists of two basic things – a planned diet and physical activity. For individuals with hectic lifestyles, sticking to a diet plan can be tricky, but it just takes a little getting used to. As a simple guideline, remember the following suggestions when planning for a healthy and weight-loss oriented meal:

  • Snacks – Instead of eating chips, fries, or crackers, have a bite of your favorite fruit instead. A pear, an apple, banana, orange, or any other similar-sized fruit can also help in giving a person his or her daily needed portions of fruits. Fiber-rich fruits like figs, apricots, pineapples, prunes, and even whole-grain bread or oatmeal are good sources of dietary fiber which help flush away fats.
  • Lunch – Why not try to have a healthy salad filled with greens and some light cheeses? Sticking to lean meats that are rich in proteins but don’t have much fat help in keeping a person leaner as well.
  • Dinner – Depending on how much calorie you have already eaten during the day, one can decide to skip dinner or have just a small portion. Food portioning also helps in having an effective weight loss plan. Instead of having rice or mashed potatoes, go back to snacking on fruits or reheat that wholesome muffin.

When one couples these healthy foods with exercise and becomes more aware with the calorie intake they have on a daily basis, losing weight can be more efficient. Always check out the nutritional information on food packs and count the calories.

There are available online resources for calorie counting as well as food plans which can help dieters find easy food picks. Once you have an almost reflex reaction to counting calories every time you see food, burning off those unwanted fats together with regular exercise can yield the results you have always been dreaming of.