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Failproof Fathers Day Gifts for Any Dad

13 Jun
when is fathers day

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A lot of kids do not know when is Fathers day. But you can never be too early picking out the right gifts for dads, especially those who are difficult to please. Here is a list of gifts for dads you can give to a father of any kind:

For the Techy Dad

The latest tablet and smartphone will make your dad feel like a nine year old again. Mark the brand new gadget’s calendar app. That way, he will never forget when is Fathers Day. But if a gadget is beyond your budget, you can never go wrong with the coolest accessory fit for his favourite toy.

For the Car Enthusiast

Any dad will accept a car accessory as a gift with open arms. But you can make father’s day memorable by renting the car of his dreams and use the luxury car for a short getaway. This kind of gift will make him check next year’s calendar on when is Fathers Day.

For the Fashionista Dad

Consult the latest issue of a men’s magazine. A leather watch can make your father hug you like a pair of jeans that perfectly fit. If you think being a stylist for a day is too risky for your dapper dad, his favourite set of cologne is your answer to making him feel like a super model.

For the Ever-So-Busy Business Dad

When is Fathers Day extra special? It’s when you make a coupon for any chore he has no time for, a free carwash maybe? Or you can also be a chauffeur for a day and surprise him by a visit in his office.

For Every Cool Dad

A humorous father’s day card will always make your dad smile. You can also make a music video with a special greeting from his favourite child. You can plan a trip or make his favourite dishes. As long as your gift is from the heart, it can never be a failure in your dad’s eyes.

With all these fail-proof father’s day gifts, no dad will ever forget when is Fathers Day again. Who knows, your dad might surprise you too with a nice gift on your birthday?



Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family

22 Apr

This post is a couple of days late for Easter, but hey, there’s always a next year. After all, Easter traditions vary from one race to another. For Christians, Easter is associated with the Lenten season where they sacrifice, reflect, and repent. Once the Lenten season is over, this marks a lavish celebration of Easter egg hunts with chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets.

The Easter bunny tradition goes as far back as the 17th century where it was believed that children who had been good will be given colored eggs by a hare, hence, the association with an Easter rabbit. For the chocolate part, this is more of an American thing. For them, a celebration would not be complete without chocolates or sweets and this gave way for the Easter chocolate eggs.

Easter is a fun celebration for the whole family. This is where parents get to bond with their kids and other relatives or neighbors. Here are some fun Easter activities for the whole family:

Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Easter surely would not be complete without this. This is what every kid and adult alike look forward to. It is simple yet so much fun to do especially if you can get everyone to participate. Here are some wonderful ideas to decorate the eggs that they will all be hunting for:

  • Marbleized eggs
  • Disney-themed eggs
  • Sticker stencil eggs
  • Stained glass eggs
  • Dyed eggs

Guess the Eggs

easter egg guessing game

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Prepare an Easter basket in advance and make sure it is so beautifully organized so that the guessers cannot easily count the eggs. Hand all the participants a paper and a pencil and ask them to write down their number guess with their names on it. The one who can guess the correct number of eggs in the basket gets to take the basket home. In this game, you might want to prepare more than one basket just in case more than one person gets to guess it correctly.

Egg and Spoon Race

easter egg and spoon race

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This is best done outdoors especially if you are using real eggs. Using boiled eggs is the best for this game. Get some spoons and a bunch of eggs. Ask the participants to put the eggs in their spoon and let them walk with the spoon on their one hand only. They should be able to walk without dropping the egg or they will repeat the task. The team who gets to finish first wins.

Do not limit yourself and let your creativity flow. There are a lot of other fun Easter activities for the whole family. You can even make some variations with the other games and simply incorporate a bit of Easter spirit to it.

A Simple Tutorial on Making A Kindergarten Graduation Cap

27 Mar

Kinder pupils are so lovable in a way that they are so eager to learn new things. As their graduation comes near, what could be more wonderful than letting them in for a new and exciting craft adventure where they get to help make their own graduation cap?

Making a kindergarten graduation cap is extremely easy. You can even ask some help from your little ones and turn the process into a bonding session. More than that, this will surely make them appreciate their kindergarten graduation even more.

Kindergarten Graduation Cap

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Here are the things you will need:

• Black construction paper or card stock (20 x 20 inches)
• Strip of black construction paper or card stock (measure this against the head of your child for better fitting)
• Another piece of construction paper with 6 inches height (for the tassel making)
• Yarn (for the tassel)
• Stapler/Glue
• Hole puncher

Let us first discuss how to make the tassel so that you will all things ready for the actual kindergarten graduation cap making.

What you need to do:

1. Wrap yarn about 15-20 times around the 6-inch construction board. Set aside.
2. Cut a piece of yarn around 16 inches long. This will be the piece that you will slip in the graduation cap but first you have to slip it inside the wrapped yarn in the 6-inch construction board. Tie in a knot to secure the wrapped yarn. Remove the wrapped yarn from the construction board.
3. Cut another piece of yarn around 8 inches long. Use this to tie the wrapped yarn about half inch from the top.
4. Cut out excess yarn.

Once you have prepared the right measurements, you can now proceed to the actual process of making a kindergarten graduation cap:

1. Get the black construction paper or card stock that measures 20 x 20 inches. Fold the corners until they all meet in the middle. Through this, you should have a smaller piece of square that is thicker than the original piece you started with.

2. Fold the corners once again to produce a smaller but sturdier square.

3. Fold the flaps in the center out until the flap reaches the end of the square. These will serve as the anchors for the circular headpiece you are about to make.

4. Punch a small hole in the center of the square and attach the tassel.

preschool graduation

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5. Get the strip of black construction paper or card stock and wrap it around your child’s head comfortably. Put a mark on where the ends should meet. You can either put glue on the edges to secure them or you can simply staple them together.

6. Attached to the tabs in the square card stock we made earlier by glue or by tape.

7. Let your kids practice wearing their kindergarten graduation cap.