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A Simple Tutorial on Making A Kindergarten Graduation Cap

27 Mar

Kinder pupils are so lovable in a way that they are so eager to learn new things. As their graduation comes near, what could be more wonderful than letting them in for a new and exciting craft adventure where they get to help make their own graduation cap?

Making a kindergarten graduation cap is extremely easy. You can even ask some help from your little ones and turn the process into a bonding session. More than that, this will surely make them appreciate their kindergarten graduation even more.

Kindergarten Graduation Cap

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Here are the things you will need:

• Black construction paper or card stock (20 x 20 inches)
• Strip of black construction paper or card stock (measure this against the head of your child for better fitting)
• Another piece of construction paper with 6 inches height (for the tassel making)
• Yarn (for the tassel)
• Stapler/Glue
• Hole puncher

Let us first discuss how to make the tassel so that you will all things ready for the actual kindergarten graduation cap making.

What you need to do:

1. Wrap yarn about 15-20 times around the 6-inch construction board. Set aside.
2. Cut a piece of yarn around 16 inches long. This will be the piece that you will slip in the graduation cap but first you have to slip it inside the wrapped yarn in the 6-inch construction board. Tie in a knot to secure the wrapped yarn. Remove the wrapped yarn from the construction board.
3. Cut another piece of yarn around 8 inches long. Use this to tie the wrapped yarn about half inch from the top.
4. Cut out excess yarn.

Once you have prepared the right measurements, you can now proceed to the actual process of making a kindergarten graduation cap:

1. Get the black construction paper or card stock that measures 20 x 20 inches. Fold the corners until they all meet in the middle. Through this, you should have a smaller piece of square that is thicker than the original piece you started with.

2. Fold the corners once again to produce a smaller but sturdier square.

3. Fold the flaps in the center out until the flap reaches the end of the square. These will serve as the anchors for the circular headpiece you are about to make.

4. Punch a small hole in the center of the square and attach the tassel.

preschool graduation

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5. Get the strip of black construction paper or card stock and wrap it around your child’s head comfortably. Put a mark on where the ends should meet. You can either put glue on the edges to secure them or you can simply staple them together.

6. Attached to the tabs in the square card stock we made earlier by glue or by tape.

7. Let your kids practice wearing their kindergarten graduation cap.

Reasons Why Parents Should Stock Up on Children’s Books

17 Mar
childrens library

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Books hold enormous amounts of knowledge. Regardless if it is as simple as a children’s storybook or as complicated as medicine books. Anyone who grew up reading books would understand this. Growing up surrounded with children’s books opens up children’s minds to more things than he/she can comprehend as of the moment. It is something so simple yet powerful.

Do you remember your grandmother encouraging you to read to your baby even when he/she was still inside your tummy? Did she also play classical music while watching you read a storybook? The reason behind this is because reading and music are believed to enhance the mind. This also explains why your pediatrician recommended you to read books to your babies and toddlers up to the time that they can read the books on their own.

Important Points Every Parent Must Understand

There are children who are born with such high intellect and there are children who are born just like any ordinary child. Knowledge is learned. If a parent helps his/her child learn early on, chances are he/she can do well just like the child with natural-born high intellect. Here are some more pointers for parents to ponder on:

  • No age is too early for exposure to reading books.
  • Children’s books prepare them to reading more appropriately in the latter years.
  • It widens vocabulary.
  • It helps psychological development.
  • It nurtures the ability of children to listen and understand images.
  • It helps them communicate better.
  • It enhances intersubjectivity.
  • It teaches children that reading is a matter of communication.
  • It encourages diverse learning.

These points given above are what every parent should understand. Now, let us proceed to the benefits that children’s books give not just to the children but to the parents as well.

The Benefits of Having Children’s Books

Parents, below are some of the most important benefits your children are bound to gain from children’s books:

  • Book reading time is a quiet and calm period for both the parent and the child.
  • Reading books to a child fills their minds with knowledge.
  • Making a child listen to stories helps them develop literacy skills and language development.
  • Reading books while showing children the images makes them appreciate creativity through art and drawing.
  • Book reading stimulates the little children’s minds through imagination.
  • Children feel more loved by parents who take time to read books to them.
  • Reading books feed a child’s curiosity of the outside world.
childrens books

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Every parent today must be passionate in helping their children develop love for books. According to psychologists, book lovers are more often than not associated with curious and fast learners and children are more assured of their capabilities especially when it comes to reading, writing, and speaking even in front of a crowd.

Why Parents Should Consider Summer Camps for Children

11 Mar

Summer camps for children are more than just experiencing roasted marshmallows and exchanging stories over bonfire under the light of the moon and stars. Summer camps today are as innovative as they can be in honing children’s desires, dreams, and attitude. It teaches them how to be independent at a young age and bring out their best abilities.

summer camp for kids

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Summer camps teach children lot of things that cannot be learned at home or at school. Children get the chance to be excited on making it on their own with some distance from their parents. They get to pack their bags, travel with other kids, and sleep in a place quite far from their home. These are what get children excited and eager to go to summer camps.

From a summer camp’s point of view, they want these kids to be excited in order for them to fully integrate learning into the summer programs.

The Different Types of Summer Camp

Parents cannot fully understand the benefits of summer camps unless you know the different types. Through this, parents can determine which summer camp is right for the child. Here are the different types of summer camps today:

  • Agency Summer Camp – This type usually includes sports and outdoor living activities and is run by an agency operated by a board of directors. The summer camp follows traditional instructions established by the board.
  • Day Summer Camp – These camps run from early morning to night only. Counselors have a variety of activities to keep the kids busy from morning until evening when they are picked up by their parents.
  • Faith-Based Summer Camp – This type focuses mostly on religion as the name suggests. However, they are incorporated in the summer camp activities in the most subtle manner.
  • Family Summer Camp – This is probably the most fun type of summer camp as the whole family gets to participate in the summer camp activities. It is the perfect opportunity for busy parents to bond with their children, catch up on lost moments, and try on different things together.
  • Girl Scout Summer Camp – This is probably the longest running summer camp in history. This is a girls-exclusive camp with the main goal of promoting women growth. Activities include arts, crafts, cooking, outdoor adventures, waterfront activities, and even rope courses.
  • Private/Independent Summer Camp – This is known as the more expensive summer camp. Parents who have attended such camps usually continue the tradition of sending their kids to the same exclusive summer camp because of their high socio-economic background.
  • Special Needs Summer Camp – This is a place where children with disabilities get to have fun and not risk being laughed at. Counselors have undergone special training to accommodate the children’s needs and encourage their growth as a normal human being.
  • Underprivileged Summer Camp – This type caters to the underprivileged kids of the community including those who are on a scholarship or attending public schools. This benefits the families who cannot afford camp tuition or fee.

Summer camps have always been a good experience for children. If you have attended one as a kid, then you know what we are talking about. If you were not lucky enough to experience it, do not deprive your child of this wonderful experience.

summer camp for girls

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Summer camps are known to boost a child’s confidence and let them gain resiliency while keeping them physically active. In real life, these are all the qualities all parents wish their children to develop and summer camps are perfect opportunities to develop these positive personality traits.