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An Increase in the Marketing Budget: Is It a Good Move For You?

25 May

marketing budgetFor those who are always online, it is a fact that ideas about content marketing are found almost everywhere. Yes, it is the trend in the industry of online business. Those who are involved in such an industry are now more aware of the importance of keeping their clients informed. These company efforts to use online content to keep customers engaged about them are apparently changing the buying behavior of the entire market.

One fact remains visible today and this is that buyers have become much wiser. They will focus on getting to know a brand or a company first before buying anything that might be offered in stores or online shops. The responsibility to produce engaged customers don’t fall in the hands of the employees of a company. These companies should take care of it. It is all about what they put online about themselves. There is a study that reveals more than half of all buyers will research first about a brand before contacting the sales team of a company.

The role of proper marketing is highlighted here. If your company has a marketing department, then they should make sure that clients will always find a way towards your brand. It is an important thing to invest in marketing. On another study conducted by Gartner, more and more companies are boosting up their budgets for marketing efforts. Some of the most relevant findings of the said study are the following:

  1. Part of the revenues of organizations is apparently going to the marketing efforts and there is an increasing trend in the amounts allocated every year.
  2. The digital marketing funds of each company are visibly increasing too.
  3. A significant number of marketers are shifting more of their budgets to digital marketing.
  4. The use of websites, digital marketing, and social media are popular tools of businesses today.
  5. The creation and management of marketing content has been eating up a major percentage of budgets for digital marketing.

Based from these sets of information, it is clear that marketing efforts for a company really deserves that increase in budget allocation. There is a need for a paradigm shift here between traditional and modern ways of advertising. Can you feel this need for your current organization?


1 oz Silver Bars – A Way to Start Precious Metal ETF

11 Mar

What is Precious Metal ETF

Precious metal ETF is the new way of investing in precious metals like that of gold and 1 oz silver bars.  This basically means buying a stock with a price that is tied to the current value of a precious metal. The ETF therefore represents a small amount of ownership of the chosen metal.  The profit is directly proportional to the value of the metal.  Should the value of the chosen metal go up, the profit also shoots up.

Precious metal ETF including 1 oz silver bars are found to track roughly due to the rise and fall of the value of precious metals today.  However, they do tend to be less volatile than others as per investors’ experiences.

Why Choose Silver Bars

1 oz silver barsGold and silver have been known to always go hand-in-hand.  This goes somehow the same for ETF as well.  However, there has been a rise in silver funds including 1 oz silver bars.

As silver is commonly used widely, there is said to be a potential shortage in the coming years making precious metal ETF a big hit now.

Being so, silver is definitely a good investment. It has always been a question if one should purchase 1 oz silver bars or coins. This does not really matter as any form of silver really is fine because it retains value for a long time.

Precious metal ETF is inversely proportional to U.S. dollar performance and inflation. For this very reason, investors tend to lean towards investing in precious metals including 1 oz silver bars for guard against inflation.

There are actually four types of silver bars:

1. 1,000 Oz Silver Bars – Most tough to store.

2. 100 Oz Silver Bars – Smaller, lighter, and easier to store.

3. 10 Oz Silver Bars – Very easy to store.  A good option for beginners in the precious metal ETF industry.

4. 1 Oz Silver Bars – Has the same value with that of 1 oz silver rounds.

The Best Silver ETF Among Precious Metal ETF

Silver is said to be leading gold early 2012.  Silver including 1 oz silver bars has been outperforming gold in the precious metal ETF since 2010 and the early part of 2011. Gold does held up much better during the sharp sell-offs but still, silver outranked gold. Statistics show that iShares Silver Trust has already gained 20% to date whereas SPDR Gold Shares had a 10% rise only.

Here are three of the best Silver ETF’s today where you can invest including 1 oz silver bars:

  1. SLV iShares Silver Trust – Has JP Morgan as their custodian and with $10 billion in assets and trades over 25 million shares per day.
  2. Physical Silver Shares Trust (SIVR) – From ETF Securities LTD and has HSBC as their custodian.  They currently trade about 500,000 shares a day.
  3. PowerShares DB Silver Fund (DBS) – Differs as they rely on Silver Futures rather than storing actual bullion.  They currently trade about 70,000 shares a day.

precious metal ETFSilver ETF Forecast

Silver, whether it is 1000 oz or 1 oz silver bars or rounds, is known as a safe-haven asset just like gold.  This precious metal ETF had shown relatively low correlation with the bond and stock market.

According to the Morningstar Analyst, Abraham Bailin:

“Silver can retain its purchasing power under strong inflationary pressure. On the other hand, increased dollar strength can detract from silver’s value as investors are able to buy more metal with each bill.”