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Why We All Should Start Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

27 Apr
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You have most probably heard of the term “carbon footprint” and you may already have an inkling that this is somehow related to our environment. We all have been hearing that humans have to significantly reduce this so-called carbon footprint or we will suffer the consequences.

Let us take a deeper look as to what carbon footprint really is and how it affects our beloved mother nature.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint in its simplest sense is the impact of the continuous carbon dioxide release on earth.

It is very important to realize that while most experts began studying this topic several years ago, it has only been recently that developers were able to produce a carbon footprint calculator that measures how much carbon dioxide an appliance or a household emits. Experts say that calculating your carbon footprint is highly important if you want to start reducing it to help our environment recover from the damage we all have made.

Carbon dioxide is the known by-product of vehicle emissions, home heaters, and other home gadgets. As a result, this leads to a greenhouse gas that seriously contributes to climate change or global warming.

What Happens in Global Warming

I am sure you have noticed the great difference in our weather in the last few years. While seasons are still true to their definition, we have been experiencing extreme weathers. Scientists are baffled with the recording of greatly unusual numbers. All these are attributed to global warming.

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Global warming causes the air and sea surface temperature to increase. Data shows that this indeed has increased by about 0.8 degrees Celsius over the recent years. The world is excessively warmer today compared to how it was in the preceding decade. This also explains the extreme winter some countries have experienced recently.

This global warming will continue if we do not start reducing our carbon footprint. This is also why experts are continuously figuring out more alternative ways of making appliances and vehicles work without the risk of more carbon dioxide emission.

We all have to do our share in reducing our carbon footprint if we truly care for our environment. Besides, it has taken great care of us right from the start and it is about time we give back what is due to mother earth.