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6 Trendy Beach Shoes for the Summer of 2015

28 Mar

Don’t you just love that warm kiss of the sun on your cheek? The temperature is on high – time to hit the beach and slip on those trendy beach shoes! Yes, it’s that time of the year again – summer! And summer also means one more thing – school! Back to the classes, the term papers, the pop quizzes and long exams, back to the daily grind of a student’s life.

With the season changing, it also means a wardrobe makeover as fashions style change too. So how do you remain trendy on a student budget? Choose a pair that is multifunctional and high quality so you can still be fashionable and comfortable with affordable footwear choices. You can run from one class to the next just easily as you can run down the beach if you choose the right beach shoes.

Your friends are planning for a beach party but you’re not sure if you have the right shoes to wear. Here are some of the trendiest beach shoes for the summer:

Flat Sandals

flat sandals

Every woman’s must have. This year go for flats with that shining metallic detail. Some metallic embellishments like studs and jewels can add that edge to your summer style and you’ll be comfortable to sink your sandaled feet into the warm sand anytime.


gladiator sandals

Who can go wrong with these straps in summer? A tank top, shorts and a pair of gladiator sandals is a perennial summer outfit. Put on a cardigan or denim jacket and you’re off to class.



Another staple in the student wardrobe is a pair, or two, of quality sneakers. It pairs up with just about any outfit and fits just about any location. Thus, coming from class straight to a stroll on the promenade is a no sweat affair.


slip ons

Just as the name implies, you slip it on for an early morning class or a weekend beach getaway after exam week. You can choose a bold summer color to spice up your ensemble.

Block heels

block heels

Who says you can’t wear heels on the beach? Yes, it’s a bit tricky walking on loose sand but with the right heels, you’ll be fine. If it gets a little hard to handle, take it off and enjoy the sand. Heels have yet to be banned in classes so change your perspective with a couple of inches.



These are easy to walk on even on sand, much easier when on campus. A fun wedge design can go from campus to beach or vice versa in a click.

With multifunctional shoes you can wear on the beach or around campus, these trendy beach shoes for summer are easy to mix and match with your beach outfits and student getups. So enjoy the summer, it will be gone before you know it.

Noritaka Tatehana – Designer of Lady Gaga Shoes

8 Oct
lady gaga shoes by noritaka tatehana

photo credit to

Known to be a Japanese accessories designer, Noritaka Tatehana may also claim some fame and popularity through his fabulous creations that are placed upon the feet of no other than the mother of monsters, Lady Gaga. As if it was not enough to provide an elaborate string of awestricken outfits and jaw dropping hair styles and make up for Lady Gaga, she just had to get the complete package and wow her fans and the rest of the planet with Noritaka Tatehana’s shoe creation.

Nine, yes nine is the number of inches that this young Japanese designer custom made for the famous singer. Seemingly another out of this world choice for an out of this world individual, Noritaka Tatehana turned Lady Gaga’s fashion statement into another exceptional and one of a kind standard – uniquely outrageous but amazing nonetheless.

Based at Omotesando, Tokyo, Noritaka Tatehana acknowledges that it is through Lady Gaga that his creations have become famous. He also admits to continuously creating designs so that he can live up to the standards of Lady Gaga, truly a standard that is known to be limitless.

Graduating from Tokyo National University with a course in Fine Arts and a major in Textiles Arts could have been the best characteristics that enabled Noritaka Tatehana to fulfill what Lady Gaga wanted when it came to her shoes. Plus his mother’s influence on creating Swedish dolls as well as his painting prowess could have only sealed the deal even more for Noritaka Tatehana’s one of a kind shoe creations.

Launching his own brand when he was still in school, Noritaka Tatehana was self-taught in creating shoes and bags. His inspiration for creating Lady Gaga’s heel-less shoes were brought about by Kan Pokkuri which are clogs from the olden days made by children from empty cans and cords.

Make Your Kids Feel Special with Sports Uniform Themed Pajamas

23 Jul

3804_hiresAs a parent all you want is to have the best for your children in the many aspects of their life: from home, to school and even in play. The many facets of their growth and development must constantly be monitored and taken care of for them to fully achieve their full potential.

Sports are a powerful tool to make children become well developed individuals, improving not only their physical development but also catering to their mental toughness and emotional disposition. That is why we created sports uniform themed pajamas so you can uplift your child’s sports spirit even at home when he is ready to sleep.

Creating the best atmosphere for sports achievements in children takes time and effort not just for their coaches and teachers at school but also for their parents at home. Taking the time to play with your children and letting them know the importance of sports is just one of the steps you can take.

Inside the home you can also impart their potential by watching games with them and giving out your comments and constructive criticisms of their favorite sports teams and athletes. And what a great and fun way for them to appreciate sports more than to own sports uniform themed pajamas of their sports idols.

Physical and mental growth is put to a maximum when children get to sleep sound and uninterrupted, and parents absolutely want this for their children. Aside from their children’s growth they are also concerned with how their children par with others.

With sports uniform themed pajamas you will give your child the opportunity to delve themselves into the sport that they love both at play and at home. Your child will appreciate their favorite sports more and develop additional focus and dedication to playing and participating in games.