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8 Back-To-School Hacks For The Wise Spender

14 Jun back to school budget tips

Summer’s over, school’s here! It’s time for your children to ditch the beach and hit the books once again. By this time, most parents see themselves in Brokesville soon.

Here are some helpful tips in spending less this upcoming school year.

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The Spring Cleaning Challenge

26 Mar

To Do or Not To Do

While spring cleaning is supposed to bring positive changes, it’s still something that a lot of us dread or put off. It’s bad enough that we can’t seem to fit all our tasks into a day as it is. Tag it a necessary evil, you just have to do it.

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Gear Up

It’s not as hard as you may think, but be ready. Gather and buy as much materials, tools and supplies as you need. Enlist help from other members of the household but see to it that you calendar the activity in a day that’s convenient for everyone.

Old school as it may seem, try to visualize the changes you wanted in your house, it really helps. Do something to give it a fresh look. Rearranging the furniture or getting rid of that overstaying hideous bulky chair.

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Can stretching make you taller?

8 Jan

There is nothing wrong with being short, and for most of the time, height can be quite subjective, which means what is short or tall to you might be perceived differently by others. But, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting more height.

However, aiming to add those extra inches takes a lot of dedication, particularly if you’re already beyond your growth spurt age. Being in such a challenge will likely bring up some question, such as: what you should eat, what supplements you should take, or even as odd-sounding as -can stretching make you taller? Well, I’m here to answer such queries.

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