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My 2012 Holidays, The Best Yet

1 Jan

Well, okay, I admit it – we got ready for Christmas as early as October (excited, eh?). This is primarily because we are now living in a house that allows us to make advance decorations for the holidays. This year’s celebrations were far, far different from the others. Putting up early Christmas decorations is just one of the reasons that made my 2012 holidays worth remembering.

SOX Bloggers’ Christmas Party

sox bloggers' chrismas partyDue to the nature of my work, I haven’t attended any Christmas party since the last one way back in 2008. The SOX or Soccsksargen Bloggers is composed of bloggers from all over South Central Mindanao. I haven’t attended any of the SOX Christmas parties yet and I got actively involved with the group’s activities only last year with SM City GenSan‘s grand opening. It’s definitely a first!

It was a fun-filled night – that sure is an understatement! And speaking of statement, I won as one of Best Statement Shirts of the night wearing the Pinoy Freelancer Ako shirt. I got myself a free Starbucks gift certificate and a gift pack from SM Supermarket. I also got a free tote bag from Robinson’s and cute speakers from our exchange gifts.

Though it may be the first SOX Bloggers’ Christmas party I attended, it’s definitely not my last one.

Biaca Family Christmas Gathering

family christmas gatheringWe have a tradition of gathering on Christmas Eve, exchanging gifts and celebrating Noche Buena together as a family. Family is, I believe, one of the essences of Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus and giving thanks together.

The gathering marked another first for me as it will also be the time that I’ll be cooking cordon bleu. It turned out to be quite a success and I certainly know how to make the next batch better. The Kris Kringle part is always exciting; it exemplifies the season’s spirit of giving and sharing.

Rohan received a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy, a basketball and ring, and three pairs of socks. I got new additions to my pambahay wardrobe plus a big bag, while Rick received two pairs of basketball shorts and eau de’ parfum.

I don’t have photos of our family Christmas gathering because the digital camera battery charger has gone missing. We have good reason to believe that a pair of (really cute but) makulit na kamay are the culprit. Thankfully, I found a charger on eBay and it was delivered just in time for New Year’s celebration.

Welcoming the New Year

2013 new yearWe celebrated 2012 in Davao City, so there’s no fireworks, and as a GenSan native I missed the light plays in the sky when the new year came around. Ushering in 2013 was definitely different! The sky lit up in awesome displays of pyrotechnics which lasted for almost half an hour and I can tell they were not the usual fireworks I used to see years before.

Fireworks, food and fun – those are three words that would best bring to mind our New Year celebration this year.

2012 was a great year. I am ever so thankful to my family for giving me the inspiration and strength to overcome the numerous challenges, my new and old friends who shared with the ups and downs, and to my clients who made our lives more comfortable.

I am proud to have accomplished the goals I had set for myself in 2012 and certainly 2013 looks even more promising. Stay tuned because we’re going to start it off in a very, very special way.

Like my friends say – LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

And I will, and sure hope you do the same with your own goals!

Party, the SOX Blogger Way

18 Dec

sox blogger christmas patryIt’s been more than three years since I became part of the Socsksargen Bloggers. We were still using the platform back then. However, it was only during the opening of SM City General Santos last August that I was finally able to participate in the blogger community’s events.

Since we moved back to GenSan, and whenever schedule permits, I take advantage of invites to these activities. How often do you get the chance anyway? After the grand opening of SM City General Santos, I have the pleasure of going to two more events – the opening of Sony’s 8th  Vaio Store and the blogger’s day hosted by iTea.

Tomorrow, December 19th will be the SOX Bloggers’ Christmas Party to be held at Manny Pacquiao’s Roadhaus Hotel and it’s yet another first time for me!

It’s the first time for me to join other bloggers in South Central Mindanao for a Yuletide celebration – and it’s also the first Christmas Party that I’ll be attending since December 2008!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not Ebenezer Scrooge female version. I love Christmas! It’s a wonderful celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! There’s lights and fireworks, caroling and of course, Noche Buena. The real reason I haven’t attended a Christmas party in years is because — you’ll know by tomorrow 😉

So my heartfelt gratitude goes out to the sponsors and organizers – Kuya Avel, Kuya Orman and Cathy for putting together the event; and Smart, SM Supermarket, Starbucks GenSan, Roadhaus Hotel and others for being so generous.

We blog. Therefore we partey!

The SOX Bloggers Tea Party at iTea

16 Dec

iteaIt was a perfect afternoon for a tea party! Thanks to Richard of iTea who invited the Socsksargen Bloggers, it was a tea party that would make Mad Hatter fume with envy!

We were first treated to the three basic teas that iTea use in their concoctions – jasmine, assam and oolong. Jasmine was fragrant and sweet; assam which is a type of black tea was flavorful, while oolong or green tea was strong and tasted of dried tea leaves.

Next was the Lychee Fruitylicious Cooler which was a sweet treat that I love and every other member of the SOX Bloggers loved. Surely, it’s a must try.

itea creamy duoThen came the creamy duos, a new blend from iTea. There are six available creamy duo variants and we were ever so lucky to be treated to each one – vanilla taro, vanilla strawberry, choco banana, vanilla mocha, vanilla choco and vanilla bubble ice coffee.

Each one was a perfect combination of creamy goodness and their main ingredient, whether fruit, coffee or chocolate. However, I’m rather biased and have to say the vanilla bubble iced tea was my favorite. I’m such a coffee addict and the strong coffee and the creamy foam was perfecto!

As they say, save the best for last, and the final stars of the party were presented – the milk teas or naicha. So if you like iced tea, then these cool and creamy milk teas will definitely be your cup of tea. Honey milk tea, jasmine milk tea, oolong milk tea, assam milk tea, choco milk tea, and caramel milk are deliciously healthy, you’d be coming back for more!

Did you know that iTea – SM General Santos is the sixth branch in the Philippines and the very first outside Metro Manila? Now you know.

But that’s not all. If you’re in SM, you can call and have your favorite iTea drinks delivered for free for a minimum of three orders.

You can also take advantage of their Barkada Treats when you buy any four drinks of the same price and size and get one free of the same size of Fruitylicious Cooler and free toppings on selected flavors. The Family Treats is perfect for crowds of three – buy any two large drinks of the same price and you get one free medium Fruitylicious Cooler with free toppings on selected flavors.

iteaSo don’t miss out on an awesome tea party here in Gensan, visit them at the 2nd floor of SM City Al Fresco Strip beside BluGre or you can find iTea on Facebook too! And yes, they are a Wi-Fi zone.

iTea – I love tea, do you?

There’s only one way to find out!