About Me

I am Rizzi Meia Biaca, 29 years old – a mother, a wife, and a freelance online writer.

Though a Marine Biology graduate, a series of events led to a career path so different from the one I was taught to pursue. Nonetheless, this choice isn’t something that I am regretful. As a matter of fact, I enjoy what I do and it has evolved into being more than just a job.

Being a freelance online writer, I have the rare privilege of doing something I love. My passion for writing has found its rightful outlet. Plus, I get to earn while doing what I love – a really great perk of the “job”.

The Topics and Keywords

I have been writing professionally for six years, but a free agent for five.

To say that I have written for a very diverse range of topics is an understatement – from Japanese knotweed to loan modification and mortgage refinancing to all types of Halloween costumes to MLM to internet marketing to the 2011 Samsung HDTV models to physiotherapy.

I’ve also written about toys and consumer electronics to acne to employee motivation to the different Skylander characters to Rolex watches to makeups to health and beauty to home appliances and cherry pickers. You name it, I’ve probably written about it.

The Themes and Plugins

But more than just being an online content writer, I have also acquired skills along the way that make me an effective virtual assistant. I was a virtual assistant to a Californian affiliate marketer for two years, creating both articles and web content, learning website management, and performing link building strategies which highlight my writing skills such as blog commenting and article marketing.

WordPress is a very familiar platform that I have used many times. I’ve worked with different themes too. Thesis, ClickBump and Flexsqueeze are some of the ones I have worked with. I have also worked and configured ReviewAZON, Phpzon, SEOPressor, WordPress SEO by Yoast, and Scribe plugins.

Making a Ripple in the Social Media Scene

Today, I am more than just a content writer and a virtual assistant, I have also delved into the exciting world of social media marketing. Unlike two years ago, social signals are now critical aspects of running a business online. It’s not enough to have a profile on Twitter or a page on Facebook. You have to take advantage of all the potential that social media has for your business.

In the year or so, I have helped small business owners manage their social media networks using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite  and Google Reader, switching to Feedly when the former was retired by Google, to stay on top of the game. Sharing stories, promoting audience engagement and driving traffic to the main site are part of the job. I also learned that a nice image quote with some tinkering on Canva goes a long way.

When Local Really Matters

Google has changed the game so much that SEO has branched into yet another integral element for your business – local SEO. Working for a multinational Canadian health network has taught me the huge significance those citations and local directories have especially to small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs who serve local communities. Those citations coupled with genuine customer reviews spell profit for local businesses.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be expensive but it will take a lot of time and there’s simply no way of getting around this one. You have to make sure each detail is accurate, otherwise you may be losing clients without you knowing about it!

The Internet and the Online Writer

The Internet is a constantly evolving and very dynamic environment so that to keep up with the pace, it’s important to cultivate the love for learning. I am open to change, but I make sure that it’s for the better.

There’s so much to learn if you want to, and that’s the key – the desire to learn. There are many people who have a passion for writing like I do; however, not all of them have the drive to learn the ins and outs of online writing.

Online writing needs a certain kind of attitude. The ability to create a piece that takes into consideration very specific instructions. Some may think that such requirements curtail their creativity, but in truth, these call for the need to learn to adjust one’s writing style to the needs of the client.

rizzi meia biaca palmaIf you need someone to craft you excellent web content, high quality articles and creative content pieces, do get in touch with me. Check out my portfolio of sample articles.

I also offer data entry, social media marketing, local SEO and general virtual assistance should your need for such services arise.


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