5 Reasons Why Should Kids Eat Healthy

15 Jul

Ensuring that you give your kids a healthy diet is crucial for their holistic growth and development. Making sure that they are enjoy balanced meals every day is a tough job. Most snacks out in the market are almost may have too much sugar, sodium, coloring, preservatives, and trans fat. They may be flavorful but score low in nutritional value.

But you don’t have to do this alone. Instilling the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to your kids will make them responsible eaters. Discuss the harmful effects of junk foods, but most importantly, tell them the great benefits of good eating habits.

Here are five reasons why should kids eat healthy.

Start them early, and it becomes a habit.

It’s a good thing that habits die hard, and parents should serve as an example. If you want your kids to eat right, you should too. Eating and preparing healthy dishes together will help them cultivate that sense of discipline and fulfillment.

They can choose what dish to cook; they can even control the taste according to their preference. Allowing them to participate in the process will not only make it fun, but will also be a great way to teach them about food, cooking, eating healthy, and being responsible eaters.

Another idea is to make your own vegetable garden in your backyard. That way, you know all the produce is organic, fresh and pesticide-free.

Image credit to dbreen on pixabay.com

Healthy foods make your kids energetic and lively.

Junk foods are not called as such for nothing. They are savory, but full of junk. They literally don’t have any nutritional value. Food that is high in sugar content may give you a temporary burst of energy, but it will eventually be depleted.

For sustaining energy, you should choose any of these foods:

  • Brown rice instead of white
  • Sweet potatoes as alternative to potato fries
  • Honey as substitute to sugar
  • Bananas, apples, and oranges
  • Spinach
  • Beans
  • Almonds
  • Salmon
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs

When your children are active and healthy, they can give their best performance in school. They will have the energy and enthusiasm to try new sports and attend extra-curricular activities.

It gives them good appearance and self-confidence.

Healthy foods make your kids look vibrant. They will have shiny hair, pearly white teeth, well proportioned body weight to height, and a good complexion. This is how your body will react to the type of diet and lifestyle you have.

Rotten teeth may be caused by eating too much sugary food and poor dental hygiene. Picky eaters may also weigh less than normal due to the non-variety of the food they eat; thus they miss out on important nutrients.

If you want your children to be fit, active, and bright, encourage them to eat snacks that are healthy.

It promotes physical and mental development.

As mentioned earlier, proper diet helps in the prevention of obesity. Eating right also means providing your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs, and more so should kids be eating healthy.

Let them eat foods that are rich in protein such as lean meat. It will help with their muscle development and are good sources of energy. Persuade them to continue drinking milk and consuming other dairy products as well for these are responsible in bone growth and development.

Glucose is the most important brain food. Ensure that your children are eating food high in glucose yet low in unwanted fats. Nuts and berries are rich in flavonoids that help in boosting memory. Seafood, algae and fatty fish are good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids essential for brain health. Walnuts are also proven to be effective in memory retention and are also good for the heart!

It spares them from future illnesses.

Most people do not die from the disease they were originally diagnosed but as a result of its complications. A staggering increase in the number of overweight children in the recent years is alarming. Not all have good prognosis and if they recover, there are no guarantee that the disease will not recur. The best thing to do is prevention. Before all of this even starts, prevent it from happening.

The most common illnesses that are acquired through one’s lifestyle are diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  Eating healthy may spare your kids is a good start to prevent the onset of such chronic health conditions.

Image credit to skitterphoto on pixabay.com


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