Ideas for Making Outdoor Chandeliers Waterproof

1 Jul

Chandeliers are one of the splendid home accessories you can have. They make your home look elegant and stylish. These hanging decorations are commonly seen inside our houses, most especially in the living areas.

However, chandeliers are also great if they are placed in your yards or gardens. Outdoor chandeliers make your entrances attractive. They create lively and glowing surroundings during the night.

Since they are situated outside, outdoor chandeliers are usually designed waterproof. They can also resist the changes in the weather.  Outdoor chandeliers are as well armed with a safe switch, which is coated with a rubber. For additional security, these types of chandeliers are accompanied with sealed circuits.

If you are a person full of creative ideas, you can turn your non-waterproof outdoor chandeliers into waterproof using recycled materials. This is one way you can do to help reduce wastes. For sure, you will surprise yourself and anybody on how those materials from your garbage bin become attractive and very useful.

To help you out, here are some ideas for making outdoor chandeliers waterproof. In fact, the materials mentioned below can also be used to make DIY chandeliers.

Surround Your Chandelier with Wine Corks

If you are a wine drinker, it is time for you to make use of those wine corks to come out with a new design of outdoor chandelier. The wine corks you used to throw on your garbage bin after parties can now be useful.

Incorporate wine corks in the surroundings of your chandelier. In this case, wine corks will absorb the rain drops before it soaked your chandelier.

Bead Your Chandelier

Many of us put aside our accessories out of beads once the thread is detached apart. However, for some who value this kind of accessories, they will use a new thread to restore it. Nevertheless, when you choose to keep or throw those beads, you may use your own creation to turn them into a new stuff like a beaded chandelier.

Make your outdoor chandelier waterproof by replacing its accessories with beads. Aside from using waterproof bulbs, you may also use beads to at least prolong the life of your chandelier. One thing that makes your chandelier more attractive is that you can paint the beads with your favorite colors. You can choose a shade that matches the outdoor theme giving your chandelier a glamorous look.

Cover Light Bulbs with Mason Jars

Mason jars are versatile in nature since they can be used in every aspect of art works. They can be utilized to make giveaways during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more. These jars are also a good choice to contain your refreshing drinks.

However, if you wish to buy a new set of drinking stuff, you can turn your old mason jars into an impressive chandelier. This is an amazingly creative idea for making outdoor chandeliers waterproof, which you can use to brighten up any home party. To make your chandelier more attractive and stylish, paint the mason jars with various colors you preferred before using them to cover the light bulbs.

outdoor chandeliers waterproof

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