The Spring Cleaning Challenge

26 Mar

To Do or Not To Do

While spring cleaning is supposed to bring positive changes, it’s still something that a lot of us dread or put off. It’s bad enough that we can’t seem to fit all our tasks into a day as it is. Tag it a necessary evil, you just have to do it.

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Gear Up

It’s not as hard as you may think, but be ready. Gather and buy as much materials, tools and supplies as you need. Enlist help from other members of the household but see to it that you calendar the activity in a day that’s convenient for everyone.

Old school as it may seem, try to visualize the changes you wanted in your house, it really helps. Do something to give it a fresh look. Rearranging the furniture or getting rid of that overstaying hideous bulky chair.

Clutter First

It’s the day, everything’s all set. What more can you do? Remind everyone to do a bit of stretching, reinforce safety practices e.g. gloves when scrubbing, or using bleaches and so forth.

Do away with the clutter first, it makes the most affirmative change. Begin with the first room that you get into upon entry to the house. Work your way inside. Don’t justify not parting with anything. Just ask, who can appreciate this gift? and Will I make money off of this? If the answer is negative. Trash it. If it’s affirmative, label and put in an undisturbed place.

Get On It

Deal with the hardest jobs first. You may net be able to finish everything in one day so in case there are a few jobs left, they will be smaller, easier for you. Today, deal with the cobwebs, dust, ascertaining that your furniture and appliances are covered.

Ensure that you have read the instructions on whatever cleaning material you’re using for safety purposes. When you’re done with ceilings and walls, the floor is next but don’t move the furniture to another room, just move a little to the left or right.

To clean food storage places, fridge or microwave wipe with equal parts of water and white vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of lemon. Use same thing to de-clog sink, bath tub and shower drain. Just make it sit a few hours then pour hot water.

Reeks of sweat, dirt on mattress can be managed by baking soda. Just sprinkle it on the mattress and leave on for 1-8 hours then vacuum.

Resuscitate that old couch with equal parts white vinegar and boiled linseed oil in a bottle, dab onto a soft cloth and gently rub in circular motion. Finish off by wiping clean and dry cloth after 10 minutes.

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  • Be prepared
  • Be loaded
  • Enlist trusted people
  • Don’t hang on to old stuff
  • Be open for change
  • Improvise or use shortcuts
  • Reward yourself

Yes, after the spring cleaning hard work just be grateful for the day, to yourself, and to everybody. If you didn’t finish something, just work on them slowly. Great job! Reward yourself and everyone with a meal or something.


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