Go On, Enjoy a Guilt-free Sweet Binge

13 Oct

Eating something delightful to satisfy your sweet tooth does not mean the dreaded additional pounds in the weighing scale.

There are a lot of low fat homemade ice cream recipes you can find. You can choose from amazing apricots to soothing zucchini flavors, that’s literally from A-Z.

This diet aims to restrict intake of saturated fat and cholesterol to minimize the risk of heart disease and obesity. This means eating a larger volume of food for the same number of calories. It sounds fantastic especially if what is on the table is a low fat homemade ice cream and your favorite flavor at that!

The all-time favorite dessert staple-ice cream is better when it is homemade. Why is that so? Here are some reasons why it’s better to indulge in low fat homemade ice cream:

  • You get to choose your favorite flavor, you can mix and match the flavors. Make it bright in color, or add on some power crunch or make a smorgasbord that suits your palate.
  • In this time and age where harmful chemicals are abound in most fast food, processed food and ingredients it is important to choose wisely natural and healthy ingredients from your milk down to the sweetener.
  • You can substitute your whipped cream with Greek yogurt, your sugar into pure wild honey or Goat milk for the dairy milk.
  • You know yourself better than anyone else and it would be nice to develop your creativity in concocting your own version of low fat homemade ice cream.

Not Your Ordinary Flavors

Awaken the adventurous flavorful master in you by creating over the top low fat homemade ice cream. Here are some recipes you might want to try:

Minty Romaine Lettuce Ice Cream

Yes, its lettuce. Aside from the fact that Lettuce is packed with Beta carotene, Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron and Vitamin A it is also well settled that it helps in trimming down your weight. Romaine lettuce is highly recommended as it has the higher vitamin and mineral content than iceberg and curly lettuce but does not have a strong, pungent taste like arugula.

While mint improves oral health, relieves symptoms of acne, prevents cancer, promotes digestion and helps lose weight in a healthy way.

You can use an automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream maker. Just make sure you put the freezer bowl at least 6 to 22 hours prior to use. It is best if the ice cream maker has an ingredient spout where you pour the ingredients without interrupting the freezing cycle and it is better if it has a transparent easy-lock lid so you can enjoy watching the freezing process but assured that the lid is locked to the base.

For a single serve, you’ll need 50 grams Romaine Lettuce (or any available variety), yogurt 50 ml, 2 pcs mint leaves, 2 tablespoons pure wild honey. You may add almonds to enhance the flavor of your low fat homemade ice cream.

Peach, Cinnamon and Tarragon Sorbet

A triple treat for the health conscious. Tarragon is an herb that fights fatigue, relieves stomach cramps and aids in digestion. Cinnamon, on the other hand, boosts brains function, controls blood sugar, protects against heart diseases, improves colon functioning, prevents cancer, improves blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol. Peach is a round, sweet fruit that has white or yellow flesh, soft yellow or pinkish skin and a large, hard seed at the center and tastes sweet and savory.

It’s best to try this recipe with an ice cream maker that has a large funnel which makes it easy to add the peach, tarragon and cinnamon while the machine is in operation. It would also be nice if it has a digital display timer to tell you exactly what time your low fat homemade ice cream will be done.

You’ll need 2 pieces of peach, 5 pcs tarragon leaves, a dash of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Unlike white sugar which is chemically produced and recent studies pointing to sugar as the cause of weight gain, using pure wild honey is advantageous to your health.

  • It boosts energy
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Treats cough
  • Heals wounds and cuts
  • Beats insomnia
  • Helps reduce weight
  • Improves digestion
  • Good for the skin

Choco Cashew Goat Milk Ice Cream

This low fat homemade ice cream is a sure hit among kids and kids-at-heart. Choose unsweetened chocolate bars or syrup for this recipe. Chocolate is good for the heart and for the brain. Fresh Goat milk is easier to digest, reduces risk of anemia, reduces blood pressure, aids in maintaining strong bones, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immune system and assists in weight loss among other benefits.

While cashew has no cholesterol, helps maintain healthy gums and teeth, it is an energizing food, it rich in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals that may cause some cancer, it has magnesium that works with calcium to support healthy bones and muscles in the body and it contains healthy monounsaturated fat that promotes good cardiovascular health.

You can use an ice cream maker that is compact so it is easy to store.

You will need 350 ml goat milk, ½ cup chocolate, ½ cup honey, 1/4cup cashew nuts chopped.

Binge, no guilt.

Well there goes some recipes you might want to try to cure your sweet cravings. Enjoy!



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