Pastel or bold, which is which?

30 Apr

bold or pastel

Two of the recent trends in hair styling are pastel and bold hair colors. Gorgeous lilacs, reds, blues, and pinks are starting to emerge as more people are sporting these hair colors. It might be challenging to decide which color to go for. Pastel colors can be interesting and subtle. Bold hair colors, on the other hand, creates a statement.

So, which should you go for?

Pastel Colored Hair

pastel blue hair

Image courtesy of Pinterest

From bold hair, many people are also going lighter. Pastel colors such as lilacs and pinks are becoming more popular. Violet hair is becoming popular because it is the Pantone color of the year. It is easy to wear yet not as girly as pink.

To get an extreme color such as a pastel, you need to bleach your hair to prevent the colors from bleeding. Since pastel colors are lighter, the hair has to be really lightened to make the color stick. If you’re still unsure that you want to completely dye your hair, you can opt for a streak to not make it look too trendy.

Remember that pastel colors can be more fragile and more susceptible to fading. Opt for dry shampoo and avoid washing your hair daily to keep the hair color from fading. The roots have to be touched up every six weeks, as well. This hair color can last up to seven weeks depending on how much you care for it.

If you can spare the extra care and attention needed for pastel hair, then you can go for it. This hair will need frequent touch-ups as the lightness of the color means it will easily fade. These colors require much upkeep and may not work for busy people.

Bold Colored Hair

fiery orange hair

Image courtesy of Pinterest

More people are becoming more comfortable with bold hair. At first it started with bright reds and oranges. Now it has spread to various colors. Red is still one of the most preferred bold hair colors because it has a wide array of shades and tones.

Bold hair, when done well, can be tasteful. It can look good on anyone when done properly. To make the pop of color last, you need to bleach your hair first.

In choosing a bright color, it is more than just commitment. It requires maintenance to keep its vibrant tones. Bright colors fade really fast. Ensure that you are using shampoo and conditioner that keeps the shine of your hair without stripping the color. Avoid staying in the sun or dipping your hair in salt water and chlorine. These can easily fade your color so try to apply a leave-on conditioner before exposing your hair to the summer elements. You can also add color dye to your conditioner for upkeep.

Conditioning is the key to maintaining bold hair color. Yogurt masks are great for the hair. It helps preserve hair follicles and makes the hair healthier and shinier.

Bold colors tend to last longer than pastel shades. With bold hair color first, it gradually lightens and you can end up with a more pastel shade after a few weeks of washes. This can be a better alternative for those who want to create a statement but don’t have the time to care for pastel hair.

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