Aura: The ‘Invisible’ Human Energy Field

4 Mar

Have you ever experienced instantly disliking a person even without talking to him? You just dislike that person for no apparent reason. And then, of course, there are also people you feel an instant connection to, and for no obvious explanation as well. People who are kindred spirits and when you start talking to them; something just clicks right into place.

What you may be feeling, or more accurately sensing, is that person’s aura. But what is an aura? How come you can sense it?


The Human Aura

The aura is a multilayered, multicolored energy field that radiates around a person in soft and subtle waves barely perceptible to the human eye. All living things radiate an aura and your aura can tell a whole lot of things about you.

Chakras inside you produce the energy that make up your aura. A chakra is a spiritual center in your body with the seven main chakras aligned along spinal column. Your thoughts, feelings as well as the food you eat fuel the chakras. When all these things come together, a rainbow of pulsating energy is formed around the physical body.

The Different Layers of the Human Aura

There are three main layers of the human aura – physical, emotional, and spiritual – thus your physical, emotional, and spiritual health greatly impact the colors of your aura.

The different colors of your aura represent the various aspects of your being. For instance, a deep red aura means a strong willed and grounded person while a bright silver aura may imply a spiritual awakening. A person with a brownish aura is someone who is holding on to negative energy while a person with a muddy blue aura is someone afraid to tell the truth or to express her true feelings.

Next time you attend a social gathering, try to take a step back and look around. Feel the auras of the new people around you. Are you feeling their vibe?



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