Samsung Hoping To See Redemption With Galaxy S6

4 Dec

At a time when Samsung was enjoying the respite of new innovations from its best rival – Apple, they released the Samsung Galaxy S5 which became instantly popular but for some reason, sales did not pick up. Several reports indicate that S5 sales were 40% lower than Samsung originally expected it to be.


Sales further plummeted down when Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Despite sharing almost the same features and even with iPhone being criticized with failures in bending and screen crashing tests, iPhone 6 walked away with much better sales figures.

As a result, Samsung had to come up with something innovative and totally different from the previous S5 to once again get the consumer’s attention. Samsung’s redemption from their slumped position right now could very well be the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6. But could the Galaxy S6 live up to its promise of regaining the throne?

If Samsung is really decided to take the smartphone battle to the next level, critics say that they have to release Samsung Galaxy S6 before the year ends or they will lose their chance. Another thing is that the S6 should be well worth the wait most especially given the S5’s failure of success.

Rumors about the specifications and features of the supposedly Galaxy S6 are already circulating around the internet. However, as of writing, there is no definite word yet as to when this Samsung Galaxy S6 is really going to be released.


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