Apple Shares On The Rise Again

4 Dec

appleThe world has seen how Apple faltered after the death of Steve Jobs who mainly made it all possible for them. From being on top of the charts and leading every possible innovation in the technology and mobile industry, Apple slowly moved down the chart as their sales begin to drop.

People started to question the lack of new offerings despite Apple releasing new iPhone models yearly since then. Just when Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, is beginning to gain control of consumer sales, Apple iPhone 6 was released.

After being in the market for just over a month, Apple’s shares are on the rise once again. Sales have never been better. This is despite numerous rumors and videos about the durability.

Some even took it to the next level by getting several units just to subject it to various tests including the bending test, cement drop test, and of course, the blender test. However, consumers must have found something in this Apple iPhone 6 that renewed their trust and loyalty to Apple.

As per statistics, iPhone 6 sales are soaring in UK outselling the bigger and more expensive iPhone 6 Plus. Sales figures in the US may not be as good as UK but Apple iPhone 6 still made it to the five best-selling smartphones over the last three months.


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