The Easiest and Cheapest Homemade Christmas Ornaments

26 Nov

Christmas is fast approaching as we now feel the cold breeze and the winter chill getting stronger each night. Have you put up your Christmas decorations already? Or are you tired of seeing the same ornaments year after year but does not really have the budget to change everything and buy a whole new set of Christmas decorations?

Frankly, Christmas in general does not have to be expensive including the decorations of course. Here are some homemade Christmas ornaments that are not just easy to do but are also cheap.

Sparkling Ornaments

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Christmas just would not be the same without some sparkles. Gather all your old night light bulbs or any type of bulb you have in the garage. Get some glue (glittering glue if you have) and brush it all over the bulb. Next, roll it over different colors of glitters and let it dry for 15 minutes or so.

Do not forget to hot-glue a metallic embroidery floss of your chosen color to the base for attachment.

Vintage Baking Molds

homemade christmas ornaments1

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Christmas and vintage go very well together. This is why you should never throw out any old or unused baking molds. Remember how cute your vintage baking mold designs are? You can get them out of the storage and simply hot-glue metallic or Christmas color ribbon loops to it and you have yourself some vintage homemade Christmas ornaments.

Victorian Ornaments

homemade christmas ornaments2

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There is something wonderful about all things Victorian when Christmas time comes but the problem is that they are usually expensive. Here is a better alternative – gather some royalty free Victorian images from the internet and print them out in color. Next, attach them to a cardboard and hot-glue a ribbon or metallic floss. You can also add some sprinkle of glitter if you want.

Candy Cones

homemade christmas ornaments4

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Now this would make lovely and delectable homemade Christmas ornaments. However, it can be a problem if you have kids who cannot resists cones and candies or have pets freely roaming around the house.

What you can do is get some sugar cones from the grocery store and carefully drill two holes using a wooden skewer so you can insert a metallic floss or thread for hanging. To make it stronger, you can brush it with some icing and even attach some decors like colorful sugar or fondant cutouts.

Fill in the cones with some small individually covered chocolates or candies but do not overfill as this would make your cone ornament heavy.


homemade christmas ornaments3

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You probably have several unused keys somewhere in your drawers. This might be a good time to gather them and turn them into homemade Christmas ornaments. Simply spray them over with white glossy spray paint and the keys will take on a new character perfect for your Christmas tree.

Remember that getting ready for Christmas does not have to expensive. With lots of old stuff lying around your house and a whole load of creativity, you can surely have new but inexpensive Christmas ornaments every year.


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