Failproof Fathers Day Gifts for Any Dad

13 Jun
when is fathers day

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A lot of kids do not know when is Fathers day. But you can never be too early picking out the right gifts for dads, especially those who are difficult to please. Here is a list of gifts for dads you can give to a father of any kind:

For the Techy Dad

The latest tablet and smartphone will make your dad feel like a nine year old again. Mark the brand new gadget’s calendar app. That way, he will never forget when is Fathers Day. But if a gadget is beyond your budget, you can never go wrong with the coolest accessory fit for his favourite toy.

For the Car Enthusiast

Any dad will accept a car accessory as a gift with open arms. But you can make father’s day memorable by renting the car of his dreams and use the luxury car for a short getaway. This kind of gift will make him check next year’s calendar on when is Fathers Day.

For the Fashionista Dad

Consult the latest issue of a men’s magazine. A leather watch can make your father hug you like a pair of jeans that perfectly fit. If you think being a stylist for a day is too risky for your dapper dad, his favourite set of cologne is your answer to making him feel like a super model.

For the Ever-So-Busy Business Dad

When is Fathers Day extra special? It’s when you make a coupon for any chore he has no time for, a free carwash maybe? Or you can also be a chauffeur for a day and surprise him by a visit in his office.

For Every Cool Dad

A humorous father’s day card will always make your dad smile. You can also make a music video with a special greeting from his favourite child. You can plan a trip or make his favourite dishes. As long as your gift is from the heart, it can never be a failure in your dad’s eyes.

With all these fail-proof father’s day gifts, no dad will ever forget when is Fathers Day again. Who knows, your dad might surprise you too with a nice gift on your birthday?



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