How to Plan a Vacation on a Shoestring Budget

2 Apr

travel on a shoestring budgetIt is no secret that times are still hard these days. This is most especially true if you have several kids as main necessities like food, education, and mortgage takes most of the budget. However, hard times do not mean you have to be stuck at home and tire yourself with endless work. Do you remember the quotation “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?”

Have you ever heard of traveling on a shoestring budget? This could be the perfect solution for you and your family this upcoming summer season. Taking a vacation does not need to be expensive. You just need to be wise in looking for the perfect vacation spot and think of more than a dozen of ways on how to save every penny through each step along the way.

Here are our wonderful and effective tips on how you can still travel on a shoestring budget:

Either book early or book at the last minute.

It is a known fact that early bookings get the best savings. However, check online bookings every now and then because more often than not, if a slot is still open, you just might save more on last minute deals. You need to have flexible travel dates though as these are almost spur-of-the-moment deals that are like now or never.

Consider traveling in off-peak season.

We understand how you might want to hit the hottest beaches in the area during summer but that also means that you will most likely be double charged because of peak season. If you really want to save, pick your travel dates carefully where off-peak season is just starting or is coming to a close. Chances are you will still get to enjoy the sun, sand, and the beach but at much lower price.

Rummage through the internet for best deals.

Travel vacation packages these days are reasonably priced because of the tight competition. You might even find travel agencies that offer to beat the competitor’s lowest price. Look into these and you just might hit frugal vacation jackpot. Just remember to choose only reputable companies.

Return back to mother nature.

Last but definitely not the least, it is high time you consider your area or the surrounding areas. Are there famous campsites that you have not explored yet? Check those out because it probably is a good time to get in touch with mother nature and get some much needed time away from the busy and crowded city. Another great benefit here is that your kids will not only find it exciting but they will learn a lot plus it is extra cheap.


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