Reasons Why Parents Should Stock Up on Children’s Books

17 Mar
childrens library

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Books hold enormous amounts of knowledge. Regardless if it is as simple as a children’s storybook or as complicated as medicine books. Anyone who grew up reading books would understand this. Growing up surrounded with children’s books opens up children’s minds to more things than he/she can comprehend as of the moment. It is something so simple yet powerful.

Do you remember your grandmother encouraging you to read to your baby even when he/she was still inside your tummy? Did she also play classical music while watching you read a storybook? The reason behind this is because reading and music are believed to enhance the mind. This also explains why your pediatrician recommended you to read books to your babies and toddlers up to the time that they can read the books on their own.

Important Points Every Parent Must Understand

There are children who are born with such high intellect and there are children who are born just like any ordinary child. Knowledge is learned. If a parent helps his/her child learn early on, chances are he/she can do well just like the child with natural-born high intellect. Here are some more pointers for parents to ponder on:

  • No age is too early for exposure to reading books.
  • Children’s books prepare them to reading more appropriately in the latter years.
  • It widens vocabulary.
  • It helps psychological development.
  • It nurtures the ability of children to listen and understand images.
  • It helps them communicate better.
  • It enhances intersubjectivity.
  • It teaches children that reading is a matter of communication.
  • It encourages diverse learning.

These points given above are what every parent should understand. Now, let us proceed to the benefits that children’s books give not just to the children but to the parents as well.

The Benefits of Having Children’s Books

Parents, below are some of the most important benefits your children are bound to gain from children’s books:

  • Book reading time is a quiet and calm period for both the parent and the child.
  • Reading books to a child fills their minds with knowledge.
  • Making a child listen to stories helps them develop literacy skills and language development.
  • Reading books while showing children the images makes them appreciate creativity through art and drawing.
  • Book reading stimulates the little children’s minds through imagination.
  • Children feel more loved by parents who take time to read books to them.
  • Reading books feed a child’s curiosity of the outside world.
childrens books

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Every parent today must be passionate in helping their children develop love for books. According to psychologists, book lovers are more often than not associated with curious and fast learners and children are more assured of their capabilities especially when it comes to reading, writing, and speaking even in front of a crowd.


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