Graduation Meaning, What Is It Really?

28 Feb
graduation meaning

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All students, unless they go astray or decide to do something else, will really have to go through graduation. It is basically the goal for every quiz that we take, for every homework that we lazily do and for every academic requirement that we hastily finish and submit. It’s like the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel.

What really is graduation? What does it mean to you or to that person seating next to you day dreaming while the teacher proceeds with the lecture as if speaking in tongue?

Here are some of the meanings of graduation to different people:

Graduation as Freedom

For obvious reasons, graduation means freedom to those students who feel enslaved by the education system and takes schooling as something imposed upon them by their parents or by societal expectations.

Graduation as a Gift

Indeed, graduation is a gift to those parents who worked hard all their life so their children could go to school and be who they want to be. It’s a priceless moment that they can enjoy remembering at the end of every day’s hard toil.

Graduation as Goodbyes

School becomes more than a community for students. It is where they find their own self and it is also where they meet classmates who will eventually become their friends that will take care and be with them like another family. Graduation may be a day when they will have to say goodbye to their best buddies who have been with them for years through all those escapades in and out of school.

Graduation as a New Beginning

Truly, graduation ends a chapter in a student’s academic life. However, as they say the closing of school is only the beginning of the real world. Education is merely the preparation which students or graduates as a lever towards achieving their individual dreams. Thus, it’s a new beginning.

Whatever graduation means surely graduation is a meaningful event to any student.


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