Noritaka Tatehana – Designer of Lady Gaga Shoes

8 Oct
lady gaga shoes by noritaka tatehana

photo credit to

Known to be a Japanese accessories designer, Noritaka Tatehana may also claim some fame and popularity through his fabulous creations that are placed upon the feet of no other than the mother of monsters, Lady Gaga. As if it was not enough to provide an elaborate string of awestricken outfits and jaw dropping hair styles and make up for Lady Gaga, she just had to get the complete package and wow her fans and the rest of the planet with Noritaka Tatehana’s shoe creation.

Nine, yes nine is the number of inches that this young Japanese designer custom made for the famous singer. Seemingly another out of this world choice for an out of this world individual, Noritaka Tatehana turned Lady Gaga’s fashion statement into another exceptional and one of a kind standard – uniquely outrageous but amazing nonetheless.

Based at Omotesando, Tokyo, Noritaka Tatehana acknowledges that it is through Lady Gaga that his creations have become famous. He also admits to continuously creating designs so that he can live up to the standards of Lady Gaga, truly a standard that is known to be limitless.

Graduating from Tokyo National University with a course in Fine Arts and a major in Textiles Arts could have been the best characteristics that enabled Noritaka Tatehana to fulfill what Lady Gaga wanted when it came to her shoes. Plus his mother’s influence on creating Swedish dolls as well as his painting prowess could have only sealed the deal even more for Noritaka Tatehana’s one of a kind shoe creations.

Launching his own brand when he was still in school, Noritaka Tatehana was self-taught in creating shoes and bags. His inspiration for creating Lady Gaga’s heel-less shoes were brought about by Kan Pokkuri which are clogs from the olden days made by children from empty cans and cords.


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