Growing Up: Celebrate Life and Friendship

20 Jul

sunset_silhouetteIn general as we grow up we come across many different types of relationships and we get to establish these with a certain number of people. A common list of relationships for many individuals would be: family, a loved one or spouse, colleagues or co-workers, peers and friends.

We often celebrate life and friendship through gestures of camaraderie and unity, comprehending the needs of one another with much understanding and adaptation. Unlike our family or love relationships, friendships in our lifetime are found to be of convenience because as a start you get to choose who your friends are and are not.

As children we confide with a group of individuals our age with the same interests and agenda – what we enjoy playing our friends would most likely play as well. Progressing to puberty there will be friends from childhood that will not be part of your group anymore.

To celebrate life and friendship we decide on which individuals are worthy of our time, effort and energy, much like other aspects of our life our friends are given importance. When we lack the ability to put importance to an individual and vice versa the essence of friendship is lost.

Over our many years of living people have friends who come and go, each for many different reasons, which in turn remind us that whatever relationship we presume to achieve there are positive and negative aspects to each. Friendships are prolonged through a group of individuals who work together as a solid unit not withered by the changing ages.

Personalities, wants and desires, ambitions in life, plans and admirations are common glues that hold the foundation of many friendships. Constantly we celebrate life and friendship through many stages of growth and it is through it that we learn who our real life friends are.


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