Knowing the Facts about Receding Gums

17 Jul

smileAs your teeth are revealed and seen more and more, when your teeth roots are starting to show and when your main gum tissues are pulling back, you may be in for what is commonly known as receding gums. The space created between the teeth and gums when this occurs makes bacteria and other foreign material more able to stay.

When this condition occurs and is left to develop further, the teeth will eventually rot and the surrounding areas of the mouth shall soon follow. A common disease of the mouth, no one ever expects to have it because of the gradual progression of its occurrence.

Prevention of receding gums is a reality as long as you are ready made aware of the situation and what steps you can do to stop its development. Regular checkup with your dentist is a great step in preventing the development of receding gums.

Of course very obviously, having a great oral hygiene is another important tip in preventing this common gum disease. Trends like jewelry on the teeth as well as smoking must be put to a halt when one wants to prevent gums from receding because these are known to cause such a disorder.

Often times people are also unaware that receding gums are also brought about by genes, this aside from the fact of being able to practice a wonderful dental hygiene. With women, aside from genes hormones are also an additional factor that contributes to gum diseases.

When this disease occurs, visit your dentist so they can perform deep cleaning to get all of the tartar and plaque buildup between the teeth and gums. And trust that when all else fails, repairing the teeth and gums are now a possibility through surgery with your dentist using regeneration, pocket depth reduction or soft tissue graft.


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