10 Ways How a File Compare Tool Can Help The Software Developer

28 Jun

photo credits to thevarguy.com

If you have been compiling hundreds of files in your computer and there’ll come a time that you have to compare two files for any changes that may have been made, you’ll definitely need a file compare tool. You’re lucky when the files you have to compare are small but if the files are pretty huge with numerous pages and paragraphs, that’ll definitely require you more than a day to distinguish changes should you do it manually.

Now, think of this comparing stuff as your day to day task, how do you think you’ll be able to cope up? Even if you have your efforts paired with patience and determination, you’ll find your efforts to be somewhat lacking. Therefore, it is necessary to have a file compare software to deal with such tedious situations.

When the compare utilities were first offered in the market, there was some sort of complications with the comparison tool. With such complications, errors about the applications were common that led software developers to improve the features of the file comparison tools.

Over time, software developers have finally developed programs and modifications to the file compare tool. Now, software developers and programmers have numerous file compare tools to choose from and may vary on what these developers and programmers purposes.

Although software developers and programmers were the people who modified the file comparison tools, there are still other things that these developers enjoy with the advantages of brought by file comparison tools.

Here are the top 10 ways on how file compare tool can help software developer:

1. Modification on documents is easy with file comparison tools. As a software developer, there are numerous situations that even the slightest modifications on documents of different formats will make your files really blow out of proportion as the entire document will literally be changed. You cannot just underestimate any changes in these documents. Even if it as small as it may seem, it can affect and create huge losses on your part. However, a file compare tool will help you in preventing such occurrences as it easily detects any changes on your documents.

2. Software developers can easily locate the place where the changes were made. Not only will the changes made be detected by a file comparison tool but also the exact location to where the changes were made. With this tool, changing the documents to original form is way easier.
3. Auditing of documents has become easy as well for you as software developer. The term auditing in here means those two documents of similar topics and/or data is being compared. The documents are browsed to see data of good points and pile them up to create a new one.

4. Final analysis of the documents and data has become a savvy thing to do for you with these tools. In fact this task makes the file comparison tool advantageous because it has the ability to create reports on changes made between documents. Moreover, the documents created are simplified, hence easy to understand.

5. There are file comparison tool that is capable of doing three things: analysis, comparison and merging of files. These functions for other companies, are only offered one at a time, however with file comparison tool as this, it gives you the convenience to do all these things at the same time.  There are even tools that are capable of comparing word docs to wav files, even those that are not compatible.

6. File compare tools gives software developers the convenience to compare text documents, including those hard to read source codes. They also read and compare images, MP3s and even more. As a software developer, it is necessary that you use a file compare tool that can work well with different programs and works with different types of operating systems. Well, good thing though that file compare tools have been giving software developers the advantage of having those features.

7. Software developers can enjoy the perks of file compare tools for free because there are companies that are offering them free of charge. The services however are limited and are basic. But if it’s basic functions that you want that free services is just right. There are also others that only require a price you can truly afford.

8. There are file compare tools that are includes added features like automatic change detection, drag and drop feature, one-click compare and there are even those that offer it as a fully personalized service.

9. Software developers would also love file compare tools that is capable of comparing keywords, use and compare two folders, compare two PDF files, and ignore specific keywords and even include highlighting of syntax so that file comparing of code documents is easy. What’ even better is that you can have this tool on any type of operating system, be it for Windows, Linux or Mac systems.

10. File compare tools may also support other programming languages which benefits programmers as well. There are even tools that that are capable of comparing files that are in Zip, GZip formats.

There are actually more than 10 ways a software developer can do with a file compare tool.  This tool places emphasis on the convenience for the software developers to perform their task more efficiently, fast and easier as compared to the conventional methods of comparing source codes. Software developers like you won’t have a hard time adjusting to a file compare tool, in fact there is no need for expert here. Just course through the steps so you will know how the process works and have all those tasks done for you automatically. Sooner, you will not only see the perks of a file compare tool but you’ll also see how productive you have become – quite a good investment.


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