The Top 10 Benefits of a GUI Testing Tool to Software Developers

27 Jun

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GUI or graphical user interface testing is a process in software engineering where a product’s graphical user interface is tested to help ensure that it can meet its desired specifications. Usually, this is done by having a variety or several test cases to help ensure the functionality of systems in question.

Tests need to be done in order to make sure that the GUI will be fully functional. Generally, the sequence and domain size are the main considerations for GUI testing. Functionality of the GUI will be limited if not all factors are in just the right settings. GUI has several options which would have to be tested to ensure that everything will work in order.

A good GUI testing tool can help in the following ways to help make sure that the GUI is working the way it should:

1. A GUI should offer the option for automated visual testing. This is made even better if the GUI testing tool can allow for the options to do the visual testing by automatic script recording or through the use of manual script design. These options allow for double checking especially if software developers would like to see firsthand how the GUI is through manual testing cases.

2. GUI testing tools should support Basic, Pascal, and JavaScript languages. This makes the process of testing more efficient especially since these scripting languages are the ones which are most commonly used for user interface design. These scripting languages play a role on how comfortable software designers are with what they are doing, and having a GUI testing tool which would allow them to check their work without completely changing the scripting language saves a great amount of time.

3. A good GUI tool is not limited to just automating a single event. Several events such as mouse functions like clicking and moving, keyboard events such as entering text, actions like taking some screenshots, the process of loading as well as saving data, how the downloading of files would go, and how working with both windows and applications should be automated to help in more thoroughly overseeing the GUI design. Being able to automate a variety of events helps make a GUI testing tool more thorough, and this helps software developers see the possible outcomes from different events. From the gathered data, they can improve or modify the application or software to fit their needs and specifics.

4. Since there are several test cases which should be done, all of them should be taken into account. This makes the task of understanding which aspects to improve much easier for the software developer. Good GUI testing tools have functions that support logging events. This includes being able to have an advanced htm log including the screen shots of the different test cases. These can be used for review and data analysis.

5. While some software developers prefer manual testing, having a GUI testing tool can make the work much easier. With manual testing, the software engineers would have to open the application in question, click a number of buttons, check all the parameters, and make sure that all the expected results from the application are functioning.

6. A GUI testing tool can allow the software engineers to create different image patterns as well as to write scripts to click the different buttons needed. Checking the expected results will be much easier with a GUI testing tool, and those which feature logging systems cuts the time on having to find out where the problems lie.

7. Manual testing can be faster, but since one would need to consult a testing engineer for manual testing purposes, this costs much more than using a reliable GUI testing tool. This makes it an expenditure on a software developer’s part.

8. Automated testing through the use of GUI testing tools, on the other hand, can prove to be an investment and can prove to save more money as well as time in the future. While it would require a software engineer to spend a little more time on the process of designing the different test scripts, these could still be used in the future and is only an initial step to fully enjoying the use of a GUI testing tool.

9. Software developers would no longer have to rely on the expert opinion of a testing engineer every time they need to have an application checked. While manual testing is still more preferred by many, using a quality GUI testing tool can help save resources as well as time and effort for checking applications.

10. One may look at it this way; since several tests would be required, a GUI testing tool can be used for the numerous testing before finally having one last look done by a testing engineer. This helps cut on costs and can even help give records on how a specific application was developed with the help of the logs that the GUI testing tool can keep.

Relying on GUI testing tools for checking the application can help achieve more accurate and backed up reviews of which aspects still need to be improved or modified to make the GUI fit the specifications that the software designer has in mind.

The previously mentioned ways on how a GUI testing tool can help software developers can also serve as a guideline when it comes to choosing which testing tool to make use of for testing various applications. With those features, most of the aspects that need to be checked by a testing engineer can be taken care of by the GUI testing tool.


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