The Real Worth of Every Engaged Social Media Customer

23 May

An employee was able to gather in a gigantic amount of Twitter followers while he was still with a certain company. After he left the company, he took all of these followers. His former employer decided to file a lawsuit against him.  The court battle that followed really showed how valuable these Twitter followers are for a business. Now that this issue has been opened up, the question on how much each individual Twitter follower is really worth came up to the surface.

Actually, there were researches that had been conducted with regards to the value of social media customers for a business. The general finding here is that those social media users who are engaged about a certain company are truly valuable. Now, industry entities are more enthusiastic than ever to find more supporting evidences for this.

One of the most relevant researches was about a certain wine manufacturing and sales company. It is found in the Northeast region of the United States. During the year 2009, the presence and involvement of this company in the social media world is not yet there. This made them a very good subject for the experiment.

The customers of the company were divided into two categories. One would be the ones that are going to be engaged in the social media activities of the company and the other one would be customers who would remain out of the loop of social media.  In the 2011, the experiments kicked off and the following findings were obtained:

  • Customers who were engaged in the social media activities of the company visited its stores more frequently.
  • Engaged social media customers never seem to care if they would buy the cheap or expensive products.
  • Encouraging the involvement of customers in posting about the company led to better sales rates.

The above results show that there is much value in customers who know their companies well. It is why the social media marketing efforts should be planned well considering this aspect first. The reason why customers buy more goes beyond the special offers and promos. It is all about knowing about the products and services of companies as shown on social media sites.


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