How Can You Make Personalized Christmas Cards?

9 Dec

christmas cardsPersonalized Christmas cards are always a hit for dear friends and families.It shows them that you took that extra mile to make it special instead of simply buying and addressing generic Christmas cards to each and every one in your phone book.  It is a bit more time-consuming than sending out Christmas greetings through the internet with just a single click but definitely worth every single effort based on the warm smiles of your loved ones upon seeing the beautifully made personalized Christmas cards.

While there are persons who do not have any trouble with creating personalized greeting cards and actually have fun making it, there are others who might have a hard time getting in touch with his/her creative side.  But when you come face to face with the holidays and you just cannot be with the persons you truly cherish whether it is due to work or your budget, personalized greeting cards are your best way of making them feel special despite the distance.

Easy Ways of Personalizing Christmas Greeting Cards

You do not necessarily have to be an artist to be able to create wonderful greeting cards.  All that you need is a mixture of a little creativity and lots of beautiful memories.  Remember that your family and friends would appreciate a beautifully-made greeting card but would appreciate a meaningful and true message coming from you even more.

To get you started on your list of Christmas greeting cards, here are simple and easy ways of where you should start and what you can do:

Go through your stack of leftover wrapping and DIY materials. Another great thing about creating your own greeting cards is that they are inexpensive.  You can even finish them without having to buy anything if you are the leftover keeper type of person.

Search for old pictures. You can either scan and reprint them or work with the actual picture and have fun decorating it.  Remember that the lonely feeling of being alone during the holiday season can be easily combated byfunny old pictures or you can add a few comic antics to the pictures.

Learn the art of superimposing. If you really want a fun greeting card, try learning the art of superimposing heads to cartoon or celebrity bodies.  There are various websites that allow you to do this for free or for a minimal amount.  You will surely get a good laugh while making it.

Put the dried flowers and leaves in your garden into good use. Dried flowers and leaves always give a classic and vintage feeling.  They always look so cute in cards and even in souvenirsyet they are so easy to get hold of.  A tip would be to pick flowers early in the morning and let them dry in between books.

Throughout this process, eliminate your worries of doing something wrong and simply have fun making the Christmas cards.  Remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to personalizing Christmas cards and your loved ones will surely appreciate it no matter what it turns out to be.  Besides, the saying “It’s the thought that counts” always follows through.


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