Do It Yourself Christmas Decorations

27 Nov

christmas decorationsChristmas is a time of jubilation, getting together with family and friends, and giving gifts to loved ones. With a long Christmas shopping list and the Christmas dinner in mind, holiday decorations may not be on the top of your priorities.

Luckily, you can make your own holiday décor. You can save some money and, at the same time, get your creative juices flowing. This too, is a great way to bond with your children and teach them how to make creative and beautiful DIY Christmas decorations.

Read on for some simple and easy to do decorations ideas you can make at home without having to spend too much. So get those craft supplies out of the closet, buy a few meters of ribbon, and get down to decorating.

Glam Christmas Tree

Do you have a feather boa stashed somewhere in your closet that you used for a costume party or a sexy bridal shower? Well, you can put it to good use by making it into a glam Christmas tree. Marabou feather boa is the perfect material for these.

There are three ways you can use a feather boa as Christmas décor. One is by making it into a small tree, which you can put on top of your coffee table, side table or end table. In order to make this you will need some dowel rods, hand saw and drill. You can also paint it into your desired color.

The second way is to create a not so conventional glam Christmas tree. This kind of tree will have glamour stuff instead of your usual holiday décor. Put up your Christmas tree and add some small white lights. Then hang pearls, feather boa, broken earrings and other jewelry, old lipstick tubes, old mascara or other girly accessories you have. Tie them to the tree using silk ribbon.

The third is by making the boa into feather Christmas balls. You will need to buy 3-inch Styrofoam balls and some sequin pins and tacky glue. Cut the boa and wrap the balls with it. Fill it as needed. You can then hang the balls using a fish line or put them in a bowl or basket.

Door Ornament

An economic and pretty way to have Christmas decorations into a home is by putting door ornaments. Try pinecones on all door handles including cabinets. You’ll need red ribbon and glue. Cut a 12-inch ribbon and make a loop. Glue the ends to the base of the pinecone. To make it prettier, cut another long ribbon and make it into a bow.

Eco-Friendly Tree

Having branches instead of pine trees is becoming a popular Christmas décor especially with eco-friendly homes. Apart from the fact that it occupies less space, it looks modern and elegant. You can put it in a big vase or moss pot. Some prefer the natural color of the branch while others like it white or silver. You can easily paint it and put handmade or store bought ornaments.


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