What Happens When You Oversleep?

24 Oct

oversleepingMost people who have the luxury of sleeping comfortably have a greater tendency to oversleep.  This usually happens when people sleep in a very comfortable bed with bed sheets and pillow cases with high thread counts. These bedroom luxuries can truly make sleep more inviting and more often than not, the invitation is just so hard to resist.

Word from the experts though is that to never oversleep even when the urge seems to be winning over your responsibilities and work ahead of you.

Not only will oversleeping affect your work schedule, it can also cause health hazards.  You might be surprised that oversleeping is considered even bad for your health as compared to not getting enough sleep. Extending your sleep can do more harm than good.


Here are some of the known effects of oversleeping:

  • Frequent headaches.
  • Increased risk for diabetes and obesity.
  • More tendency to be depressed and feeling out of the zone.
  • Increased risk for back pains.  This most applies to those who sleep often in sofa beds.
  • Higher chances for developing heart disease.
  • Higher death rates.

Sleeping is good but not when you are overdoing it.  Just like what the saying goes, you cannot have too much of a good thing.


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