Exploring the Benefits of Sunlight

25 Aug

benefits of sunlightIn an age where people can view the world through the screens of their computers, very few feel the need to go out of the door and interact with Nature. This is quite unfortunate since nature has a lot to offer, with sunlight being among the greatest wonders.

But aside from that, being cooped up inside the walls of your house is really not advisable since it can turn you into an introverted, socially-disconnected, unhealthy person with the pallor of a character from Twilight.

So get off the couch and get friendly with the sun!

The sun is a ball of hot plasma that is being held together by an opposing force of gravity that are pushing and pulling at the same time. While it might be scary to think that this fiery, searing sphere which is a thousand times bigger than the earth can roast us, it must not be forgotten that the sun is what allows us to live in the first place. So basically, the sun allows for survival within a balance of life and death which is pretty cool.

Now that we know what the sun is, you may ask what this annoying event is that always seems to wake you up when you want to sleep in. Well that is called sunlight, and it is composed of energy rays from the sun which is the biggest source of energy for the planet. It allows for plants to grow, which why you can eat those lovely vegetables that you love so much, and for animals to thrive, which allows you to eat those burgers that you hate. That might have been backwards, but for the sake of continuity, it shall remain that way.

Sunlight benefits the world in a thousand different ways, but the most notable would be the opportunity for life to exist. Without sunlight, humans would not have the nutrients they need in order to survive. On a more specific note, sunlight is also famous for providing vitamin D which strengthens bones along with calcium. It also provides the tan, which is a fashion statement that makes no sense.

Sunlight also provides abundant solar energy that can be harnessed into electricity. Considering that the current source is poisoning the planet, many would agree that this is a real plus. Unfortunately, this also provides more opportunity to stay indoors which is not what we are aiming for.


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