SM City General Santos Supermarket Tour – What to Expect

10 Aug

It was my first time to meet the SOX Bloggers, and more momentous was the occasion since it will be during SM City GenSan’s blessing. I was excited to meet fellow bloggers and ecstatic to get a preview of all that GenSan’s biggest mall has to offer.

sm supermarket

After all the preliminaries, we were afforded a tour of the SM Supermarket. And my, you have to brace yourself for SM’s Customer Service Innovations on their newest and grandest mall this side of the country. I consider myself lucky since we were given demonstrations on how things are to be done when you’re grocery shopping.

press for help1. For SM Advantage Card holders, you need to swipe your card at the Swipe Station BEFORE going inside the Supermarket. You’ll get a receipt-like coupon for the best buys of the day.

2. When you need some assistance but didn’t see one of their Customer Assistants nearby, you’ll find a “Press for Help” button at the end of each aisle. Press the button, a bulb will light up and their CAs will be with you in a jiffy!

3. No need to wait in line with SM’s Queue Buster! Now waiting in long lines can really test your patience, but suffer no more when shopping at SM Supermarket. Their specially assigned Customer Assistant will scan the items on your basket, transfer them to a special tray, and you’ll simply wait your turn at the cashier to pay for your grocery.

4. Aside from the usual items on your grocery list, you’ll be happy to find that SM Supermarket also carries dry goods, furniture, appliances, and toys to make your shopping all the more convenient! Oh, and may I just share that there are some really good deals on their wooden furniture at 25% OFF, food keepers at 50% OFF, buy 1 get 1 monobloc chairs, and buy 1 get 1 TV! But only for a very limited period so better be there while supply lasts!

But that’s not all, SM City GenSan Supermarket aims not only to make itself a one-stop shop for all your needs but you also get the freshest and cleanest stuff on their racks.

humidifier1. Have you heard about spit guards? Customer assistants assigned to the fresh goods areas will be wearing these and display shelves of poultry, beef, pork, cold cuts and seafood have sneeze guards to avoid contamination of these products.

2. They also have a special area known as hydrophonics station for your favorite Romaine lettuce to keep it as fresh as can be, pretty much like your picking it from your own graden.

3. No more “wisik-wisik ug tubig” to keep green leafy vegetables fresh. SM Supermarket has something known as a humidifier to keep moisture at optimum.

Now, don’t get all weirded out when every Customer Assistant, bagger and cashier starts singing and dancing. It’s still all part of SM Supermarket Customer Service Innovations.

Now you know what to expect the first time you visit SM City GenSan Supermarket. Customer service, at your service, yes! Indeed.


One Response to “SM City General Santos Supermarket Tour – What to Expect”

  1. eve bataller August 26, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    can i return the milk formula that i bought last friday which is not open? my pediatrician advice me to change the milk of my baby for it got an allergy. i need your reply pls…

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