Benefits of Nasal Strips

1 Aug

nasal stripsWhat are nasal strips?

A nasal strip is a breathing device attached on the exterior of a person’s nose. It is a thin strip of flexible material with adhesive and is applied to the nose on the area above the nostrils. The adhesive part of the nasal strip is what keeps it in position when used for extended hours.

Nasal strips can be compared to an external addition or backbone for the nose to help keep the nostrils open. The adhesive side gently pulls on the nostrils and firmly sets it there in place for hours to help inhaled air pass easily through the nostrils.

Since 1993, Breathe Right nasal strips have been in the market to be used as a device to reduce or completely eliminate snoring.  Compared to other anti-snoring products, nasal strips are cheaper. Disposable strips are easily available in pharmacies and drugstores.

Who can use nasal strips?

Anyone who suffers from nasal congestion during the night, or from congestion caused by allergies or colds can use nasal strips to experience comfort form their current condition. People who suffer from mild to loud snoring can also use nasal strips to reduce or eliminate their snores.

Sports enthusiasts who actively engage in fast-paced sporting games like basketball, football, baseball and others can benefit from breathing right with nasal strips as well. When a person is congested but has to go on with his or her daily activities, a nasal strip can help provide the breaths they need to go on.

What are the benefits of using nasal strips?

A good night’s sleep helps the body recuperate from the day’s activities, restore damaged cells, and charge up a person for the day ahead. Sleep is the body’s way of gaining back the energy lost in a day and restoring the body’s strength. However, when a person is suffering from congestion, he or she may not have a peaceful sleep.

Congestion may be caused by allergies or colds. When a person has a congested nose, breathing, and eventually sleeping, can be troublesome. The quality of sleep is affected and a person cannot rest properly.

Nasal strips open the nostrils to let air pass more comfortably. Even for persons suffering from congestion, their opened nostrils can greatly help reduce the discomforts caused by blocked noses. When the nasal passages are lifted, air passes easily and a person can breathe better, giving the body the needed oxygen to function properly.

People who snore may not necessarily have disturbed sleep, but what about those around them? Nasal strips promote proper airflow and therefore reduces snoring or in some cases, completely eliminates them. This way, everyone can get a good night’s sleep.


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