Vitamin D Levels

23 Jul

vitamin D levelsNot everybody is aware about vitamin D deficiency since its symptoms are mostly unrecognizable and appears later than the usual. Because of this, the diagnosis is difficult to be done. However, most doctors require those patients with possible deficiency to undergo x-ray and blood tests.

Vitamin D is…

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin essential for the human growth and development. Vitamin D can be activated through sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays that pass through the skin synthesize the vitamin D present on it.

If your skin has white complexion, you will be required to stay for twenty minutes under the sun. But, if your skin is darker, you have to be exposed to the sun for more than twenty minutes.

When you have adequate levels of vitamin D, it is expected that your calcium and phosphorus levels are within normal limits. Calcium is readily absorbed in the bones with the aid of vitamin D. This will make your bones strong and sturdy, thereby preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

The normal levels of Vitamin D are…

According to many experts, the normal vitamin D level is 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/L). When it falls significantly below 30 ng/ml, it can lead to osteomalacia and rickets for adults and children respectively.

Your vitamin D, when it reaches above 50 ng/ml, is good enough for the health of your bones. On the contrary, when it is higher than 125 ng/ml, this is considered too high. However, most people seldom reach this level since vitamin D is not readily available in all food sources.

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem!

When your vitamin D level falls below normal, this means serious business! Deficiency from this vitamin can lead to serious complications and you should not take this for granted. What you need to do is to prevent this from happening. You can prevent it by exposing yourself under the sun or eat fatty fishes rich in vitamin D.

How to detect vitamin D levels?

Since vitamin D deficiency presents symptoms later than the usual, it is important for you to undergo a blood test to check if your vitamin D is within normal limits or not. The test you will be undergoing is referred to as the “25-hydroxy test”. And, this is the most reliable test in detecting vitamin D levels in the blood.

Vitamin D is known to be essential for human survival. With this, knowing your vitamin D levels is important so as to prevent bone complications in the future and to maintain optimal health.


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