It Rains When We’re Blue: A Short Story

26 Jun

rainy dayI was having a quiet Saturday at home lying in my couch. My TV was on but I was just channel surfing, together with a bag of chips. My two cats lingered nearby, waiting for me to throw some bits of chips on the floor. Everything seemed ordinary when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.

I peered at the window and saw my childhood friend Mary on the verge of tears. As if equally sensing that something was wrong, I heard my cats purr. Mary and I were good friends and whenever one of us had a problem, we could always count on each other. What was Mary’s problem this time?

As I walked towards her, the wind started blowing and the sky turned gray. Just what we need, Nature adding to the gloom. As if listening to my thoughts, raindrops started falling. I hurried over so we could immediately get inside. Why rains seem to come every time she and I had encounters like this is a bit of a mystery.

Mary told me she and her fiancée had a huge fight and they shouted at each other. I listened attentively as Mary poured her heart out. They have been together forever; only a ring in their fingers was what lacked. Yet while I listened, it seemed there would be no more rings. Mary even snapped at me that us guys were all the same. Why can’t we be something else for a change?

I made sure Mary had done talking before I started. We knew each other for so long, I knew just what to say. To her question earlier, I told her this. Trying to answer that is just like asking for the reasons guys have nipples.

Had it been another person, Mary might have smacked me then and there. Instead she just gave me a distrusting, puzzled look.

We talked some more as the rain poured and my cats purred. Gradually, Mary stopped crying. We moved on to other things while snacking on what’s left of my chips. Finally the sky cleared.

Mary stood up, gave me a hug and said goodbye. She repeated what I said, “just like reasons guys have nipples”. I smiled and told her everything will be fine. Mary returned the smile. By then, I knew it was okay again.


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