From Geisha to Gaga – A Journey on Footwear

21 Jun

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From whatever perspective you tend to look at Lady Gaga’s fashion style, one thing is for sure – it makes you say WOW! everytime.

Her bizarre sense of style has set her apart from other pop icons – the convoluted hairdo, out of this world outfit, and idiosyncratic shoes – she’s on a fashion league of her own.

While many women are into shoes, Imelda Marcos was one avid fan; Lady Gaga’s eccentric collection of footwear is very distinctive. These towering and almost like clogs with no heels can be 10-18 inches tall, and along with her incredible outfit, she makes an imposing figure on the stage.

Meet Noritaka Tatehana, the man behind Lady Gaga’s frenzied footwear. He has already made more than 20 pairs of these shoes for the pop icon in the last two years.

A pair of Tatehanas now sell for more than $15,000 as these amazing shoes are worn during concerts, TV guestings, and other appearances by Lady Gaga herself.

Tatehana’s first pair of Lady Gaga shoes was actually part of his thesis at the acclaimed Tokyo University of the Arts. It was made with pink, reptilian looking leather derived from a stingray.

Studying traditional weaving and kimono dyeing, Tatehana got his inspiration from the geisha shoes known as geta which are a Japanese type of wooden sandal with a raised base.

The Japanese traditional footwear has taken on a different highlight with its modern and iconic counterpart – Lady Gaga shoes!

In a way, Lady Gaga is upholding Japanese culture with her favorite Tatehana shoes. Indeed, a very interesting journey on footwear – from geisha to gaga.


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