Types of Internet Marketing

7 Jun

The internet is a very powerful tool commonly used in marketing.  It is every marketer’s dream with the many possibilities it brings.  It is definitely taking the business world by storm.

With the many definitions of internet marketing, it also comes in different types.  To be successful, you have to know which type or types of internet marketing fits into your business strategy. Ranking for Markham travel agent will take on a different approach from getting the benefits of education showing up on the top search engine results.

Through this, you can efficiently focus on that and watch your business soar to new heights. With the right type of internet marketing strategy in place, ranking for seemingly unpopular keywords such as the reasons dogs eat poop won’t be a problem.

Here are the different types of internet marketing and their respective definitions:

1. Search Engine Optimization – This is the process of making a website more search engine friendly to improve its visibility.  This is considered the most appropriate way to attract potential customers.

2. Pay-Per-Click – This is most commonly used to drive traffic to certain websites.  The advertiser pays a certain amount to the publisher whenever their ad is clicked on.  Certain keywords are usually used by advertisers to reach their target market.

3. Affiliate Marketing – This is a performance-based marketing where a company hires another company for the purpose of helping out in marketing a product or service.  Affiliates are paid in commission whenever someone is redirected to the sponsor’s site through the use of banners and ads.

4. Online Auctions – This is a simple auction held over the Internet and can come in different formats.

5. Banner Advertising – The advertiser pays a certain amount to get their banner displayed on a certain website for a definite period of time.

6. Directory Listings – Sites are placed in several directories with or without fees.

7. Ethical E-mail Marketing – This is quite effective if handled well and carefully avoiding tactful techniques.  This enables advertisers to personally reach to the customer and is usually done through newsletters.


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