Is Happiness Really a Choice?

6 Jun

happinessPerhaps you have heard the line “happiness is a choice” many times, over and over. But have you personally considered this to be true?

It’s easy to say that happiness is a choice if things are all going your way but what if things are not going as planned and you feel depressed or disappointed? Will happiness still be a choice?

My answer is yes. I believe that no matter what the situation is, you can choose to be happy no matter what. What you put in your head can affect the way you live and act.

There are a lot of quotes about thoughts that you will find enlightening and encouraging. If you decide to be successful, your mind will condition you to do things that will lead you to success. If you tell yourself that you will be happy no matter what the circumstance is, then this will be your mindset and you will be happy no matter what.

What are the situations that affect you the most? What are the things that matter to you? Is it career, family, love life or comfort? How do you feel when there is something that is not right happening in any of these areas? Do you question God? Do you detach yourself from the world? Do you feel alone?

If you will just learn to choose to be happy then there’s no need to worry. It is said that 70% of what we worry doesn’t really happen in real life!

Look at the brighter side of things. Continue to do good things and to see the beauty and goodness of each person, thing or situation.

Read quotes about deeds that can brighten your perspective. Whenever something is not in place, look at the positive side of it. On that note, you can click this site for a few thoughts to ponder.

Just remember, everything will just fall into its perfect place if you will choose to be happy. Do not fret easily. Relax and you will be surprised how beautiful life really is.


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