What is Copywriting?

1 Jun

copywritingCopywriting is basically the act of writing a copy of the text for the main purpose of advertising or making a publicity copy. It is also commonly known as business writing where one sells a service, product, or even a person with the ultimate purpose of expanding the client base of a certain business.

Examples of copywriting such as sales letters, advertisements, and billboards, as well as, the radio and television commercials aim to get their business out there and reach its target market.

Copywriting is now harnessed by most businesses in promoting their products and services globally.  Along with this marketing demand came the unprecedented rise in demand for copywriting as most of the modern day advertising and marketing campaigns are web based.

Copywriting is also the least valued and most overlooked element when building a website.   As more and more analysts realized this matter, companies since then have hired professional copywriters for the hope of having an effective advertising.  As effective copywriting persuades readers or listeners to act and buy a service or product, business greatly benefit from this making this today’s core component of advertising and marketing.

The Internet today serves as the greatest instrument for research and copywriting makes a thorough research put into good use through advertisements and marketing for whatever product, service, or person.


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