Internet Marketing 101

3 May

What is Internet Marketing?  Basically, this is the art of marketing a certain product or service through the use of the Internet to further boost promotion and sales.

The scope of internet marketing is too broad involving marketing through the use of email, wireless media, digital consumer data, and electronic consumer relationship management.  It entails the right combination of different strategies to catch the attention of the target audience.

Through combination of creative and technical aspects of the Internet, internet marketing is done for the goal of advertising and sales.  It also makes use of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, mobile advertising, email marketing, and various Web 2.0 strategies for efficient placement of media.

Internet marketing is one of the very basic and the most in demand tools in every business today.  Small and large businesses alike resort to internet marketers to effectively communicate the company’s message regarding their products and/or services while conducting needed research about the current customers.

internet marketing 101You cannot be efficient in internet marketing without doing enough research.  This enables marketers to know the nature, preferences, and needs of both existing and potential customers that further equips them with enough knowledge on how to effectively approach the customers’ needs and provide what they want.

The definition of internet marketing truly depends on the one using the term.  A home-based online seller can refer to his/her home business as an internet marketing business while a website owner usually refers to internet marketing as a way of driving more traffic through article writing, blogging, ads, or banners.


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