The Best Laptops To Own This 2012

26 Apr

laptopsWith the vast number of laptops nowadays, it has become increasingly hard to choose which one to purchase and take home.  Laptop manufacturers are releasing a new model or a newer version every few months or so.  This makes consumers even more confused on which laptops top among the rest.

That being said, it is very important to know the specifications of the newer models and especially those categorized as the “best laptops” today.

Here is a list of the best laptops as of early 2012 along with the features that makes them stand out:

Alienware M18x

This has been tagged as the “Most Powerful 18-inch Laptop in the Universe”.  This new release by Dell continues to show high performance just like the earlier M17x.  It has blazing performance with powerful graphic options delivering just like what a desktop would.

This is definitely every gamer’s dream.  The screen is a screaming 18.4 inches full HD where you can wirelessly blast 3D games.  It comes with a steep price tag at $4,529 and the battery does not really last long with all the wonderful graphics needed in gaming. Performance-wise, a user cannot really ask for more with off the charts specs.

 MSI GT783-625

This is worthy of a gaming experience with excellent graphics at almost half the price of high-end gaming laptops.  This laptop boasts of a solid performance, nice backlit keyboard, and a powerful audio.  Battery also seems to last longer even with the high-end graphics.

With the consideration of being designed for gaming, this is quite bulky weighing 8.6 pounds and measuring 2.3 inches thickest.  The cooling fans though can be quite loud as it tries to keep up with heavy gaming. Overall, you are getting good performance for the price of $2,599.

Acer Aspire 5349-2635

This is a very cheap laptop selling at only $348.98 at both Wal-Mart stores and making it as affordable as buying refurbished laptops and netbooks.

With 15.6-inch screen, 4 GB memory, and 320 GB hard drive, this is actually a mainstream laptop though processor is the same with that of netbooks with Intel Celeron.  This weighs only 5 pounds as Acer decided to go with good old plastic instead of the costly aluminum. This gives ultra-budgeted persons a competent option for owning a mainstream laptop for most basic computer needs.

 HP Envy 17 (2012)

This wonderful piece of technology boasts of superlative screen display with Radiance Full HD Infinity in the 17.3-inch LCD screen.  This could very well be the laptop with the best screen with astonishing 1,920 x 1,080 resolution making every picture look like fine art.  To complement the wonderful visuals, HP made use of awesome Beats Audio along with the six-speakers-plus-subwoofer setup.

This weighs just a pound more than MacBook Pro at 7.5 pounds and almost looks like it except for the black lid. Though not for hardcore games, performance is still great and can play Blu-ray discs at the starting price of $1,249.99.

HP EliteBook 8560w

This is HP’s most versatile Mobile Workstation among their laptops that is designed for business-rugged construction.  This targets the professionals who need a laptop that can deliver performance with power to spare.

Top notch features include quad-core processor and ISV-certified graphics.  Weighing 7.1 pounds, this relatively weighs less than other mobile workstations with a durable aluminum skin and magnesium alloy chassis.  This portable powerhouse is priced at $1,579.

Samsung Series 7

This is a winning desktop replacement for the price of $1,299 with bright resolution screen, and elegant design coupled with swift boot and resume times. Priced $500 lower than the MacBook Pro, the two laptops are often compared with their equal aluminum case and same 2.2GHz processor.

Apple MacBook Pro

Product’s man features are updated quad-core i7 processor, powerful AMD Radeon, and Apple’s award-winning OSX Lion operating system. Apple kept its iconic look while ratcheting up the components.  Another great feature is the graphic switching technology.  Priced at $1,799, this is still the best desktop replacement.

Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8

This is the leader in the category of nascent laptops today with better overall performance and battery life than most competitors. This laptop with brilliant display, solid construction, and superb sound is priced at $1,049 only.


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