Black Ops Tips on Earning Points and Multiplayer Survival

19 Apr

Black-Ops-TipsLike most other first-person shooter video game that centers on gameplay with guns and projectile-weapon based combat, it definitely takes time to master the skills.

Games like these revolve around the choice of guns and how a player chooses to play the game. Gamers would definitely benefit with some Black Ops tips off the shelves, as well as, those given by more experienced gamers.

Whether you have just bought the Black Ops game or have been playing the game for some time, you would surely appreciate these compiled Black Ops tips to earn more points and experience to help you survive the multiplayer game with ease.

Change the button layout to tactical.

This is not going to be easy at first but will prove to be helpful especially in tight situations. Tactical layout enables gamers to make the right stick crouch and knife switching to O on PS3 or B on Xbox 360. This makes it a whole lot easier to change to prone position and dolphin dive.

When caught in difficult situations, just run and hide.

This is one of the wisest Black Ops tips that can be applied to any war game. This does not in any way mean to lie down crawling all throughout the game. It means that when you are being triple teamed, it is wiser to run and hide first and then find a way to shoot the enemies.

Never face two or more enemies straight up since it usually takes a bullet or two to kill. Hiding gives enough time for your health to recover and at the same time, giving you the upper hand to shoot from an angle without the enemies seeing you.

It is helpful to stay near walls or anything that can serve as cover.

This applies to every first-person shooter game out there and this is one of the Black Ops tips that deliver each and every time. Even if the enemies get to have the upper hand and shoot you from an angle you cannot clearly see, you can simply duck behind and have another chance of getting back at the enemies and finishing the battle.

Never sprint around a corner.

As stupid as this may sound at first, once you get to experience sprinting while there is an enemy at sight, you will realize how sprinting makes you helpless. It only takes half a second for an enemy to kill you and sprinting makes you unable to use any weapon at all.

Use your grenades and use them good.

There are two practical ways you can make use of your grenades. One is to throw concussion grenades to a high trafficked building to see if you will get a hit marker.

Another of the Black Ops tips for grenades is when confronted with an enemy ready to shoot you, find cover and throw a Semtex or a concussion grenade as well to have the upper hand once again.

Check the Modern Warfare 2 tips to earn more CoD points.

This is the best summary of all the Black Ops tips you can use to level up fast while earning more points. Amazingly, the Modern Warfare 2 tips can be similarly used in Black Ops game.

Pick out a contract.

There are three different types of contract – mercenary, operations, and specialist. The mercenary is based on personal performance and weapons, operations center on game modes, and specialist requires performance of impressive feats in a single life. Mercenary and operations are easier than the specialist but this would still depend on your game play and style.

Black Ops tips would be to not purchase three contracts at a time. Never also purchase a contract if you would not actively chase it.

With all the wonderful and effective Black Ops tips out there, you have to find which would perfectly fit your gaming style. Video games cannot be completed in one try. It is usually trial and error with high demand for strategies. Make use of Black Ops tips to figure out which will work for you. You never know the Black Ops tips might be all you need to finish the 50 levels.


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