Spring 2012: The Season for Plus Size Fashion

8 Apr

plus size fashionIn this world of fashion full of eyes that scrutinize what you wear, what you look or what you say, being plus-sized is a bit harder. Fashionable clothes are scarce. If there are plus-size clothes available, they are not just flattering to wear at all. But today, the growing number of plus-size models is redefining what culture and the society think.

Voluptuous and Beautiful

In the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, a gathering of the most influential fashion icons all over the world, lingerie maker Bare Necessities celebrated the beauty of the voluptuous. Bare Plus was launched, featuring beautiful full-figured models who are comfortable in their own skin.

According to a study done by the company, there are more than 60 percent of American women who are size 14 or even higher. This is what Bare Plus is all about, to cater to a growing number of plus-size women.

In the recent years, a lot of alarming photos of unhealthy skinny models caused quite a stir to the fashion industry. Some countries banned underweight models from the catwalk to show the general public that being beautiful should not cause you your health. Some other countries created awareness campaigns, as well to open the eyes of the people.

Trending: Plus Size Clothing Lines

A lot of stores now are also expanding their line of products to cater to the full-figured. If you are a plus-size bargain hunter, La Grande Dame, Anna Sholz and Old Navy are just some of the stores where you can find the best deals from jeans to dresses.

The newly launched spring collection of Jibri featured fashionable and creative clothes for the empowered plus-size women. They featured prints, flare skirts and slouch pants. But the most important contribution of this year’s spring collection is that they created a line that allows full-figured ladies to have fun when it comes to fashion.

Plus-size women are just like any other size 0 woman, they want to feel great and a collection such as the one launched by Jibri is just what they need.

Another spring collection that features clothing for full-figured ladies is the Nation LTD’s new plus size pieces. Designer Jen Menchaca of Nation LTD understands the need and the desire of every plus-size woman. She knows that it is really a struggle to find clothes that will fit you and that will flatter you.

This newly launched collection is available not just for sizes 0 or 2. The new styles are very comfortable to wear plus they are available in many different colors. The fabrics used are also great to create those curves.

Super Model, Up Sized!

Askmen.com listed the top 10 plus-size models of this generation. The number 1 model who ran away with the title comes from the hit TV show America’s Next Top Model hosted by supermodel herself Tyra Banks. Her name is Whitney Thompson. She is a size 10 who bested out many other skinnier aspiring models.

Through the show, she empowered ladies all over the world and she showed that beauty doesn’t only come in size 0’s. She is truly a great testament that great things also come from huge packages.


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