Article Spinning Sample 2

18 Mar

{Less competition.|Minor competition|Less opposition|Minor opposition} {There may be plenty of lokey-loos at open houses these days, but the anemic sales pace is proof that there are fewer serious buyers looking to make a deal.|Many come to look at open houses but few have come to buy which is quite evident in the leisurely increase in sales.|There are plenty who come to look during open houses yet only a small number are ready to buy – a very common episode seen in property sales reports.|The slow pace of property sales is seen during open houses where many come over to look but only a very few are serious buyers.} {That makes it less likely you’ll find yourself in a bidding war today.|And a bidding war is something that’s not likely to happen today.|There’ll probably be no bidding wars today or in the next few days.|Likely, there’s going to be no bidding wars today either.} {It also means you can negotiate more effectively with eager sellers.|Sellers are more than willing to negotiate with you.|Negotiation is more effective as you’ll be dealing with willing sellers.|That means, sellers are more open to negotiation and you can then confer better.} {Wait to dive in and you could find yourself in a more crowded pool of buyers.| Have patience until a better group of buyers comes along.|Take it easy and don’t rush, there’s going to be more buyers that’s coming along.|Settle down and prepare yourself for more serious buyers.} {It’s just common sense that once there are clear signals of recovery, demand will pick up.|Recovery will result in the demand steadily picking up.|Indications of recovery will also signal demand to improve.|Signs of revocery will, in turn, encourage demand to slowly pick up.} {Being a little early/ahead of the curve gives buyers more elbow room.|Buyers will have more room if there’s a bit ahead of the transition.|Getting ahead of the demand curve put buyers in a better position.|A better vantage point is achieved if the buyers are further on the demand curve.}


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