5 Simple Steps in Installing your Outdoor Chandelier

16 Mar

outdoor chandelierThere’s no reason for you to rely on technicians and pay huge amounts of money in installing your outdoor chandelier if you enjoy doing it yourself. If you have sufficient time, like to do a bit of legwork and would be pleased to do the process, then here’s what you need.

The procedure may vary per design, but generally this is how it’s going to be. If this is your first time, you may want to consider doing this in daytime to avoid danger.

Five Easy Steps to Install an Outdoor Chandelier

1. Prepare all the tools you need. You should have a screwdriver, an electrical test meter, a hammer, and a nail within easy reach.

2. First and foremost, you need to switch off the main circuitry of the house. Find the circuit breaker and switch it off.

3. After all the lights are off; you need to make a hole on the ceiling or wall (depending on your outdoor chandelier design) for mounting the chandelier later when everything is all set.

4. Test the electricity of your outdoor chandelier before mounting it. You may want to use an electrical test meter for this.

5. When your outdoor chandelier is already set and is good to go, mount it on the bracket on your wall or ceiling using screws (it usually comes with the chandelier) with a screwdriver.

Once you’re done with all the five steps, check your work. Switch on the circuit breaker and then your outdoor chandelier.

Additional Tips You’d Love to Know

  1. If it happens that the location of your outdoor chandelier is close to a branch of tree, you should consider trimming it down regularly to keep your security.
  2. Check your outdoor chandelier’s bulbs regularly as well and when necessary, replace them with new ones.
  3. If what you have is a battery powered fixture, check the performance of the batteries and replace them when needed.

You see, too much specialization breeds absolute dependency. There are lots of learning and experience that you are going to have if you take the time to do things on your own. Do it yourself ethics is always the best option in terms of getting familiar with unusual tasks, acquiring new skills, and saving money.


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