My First Post – A Milestone

23 Jan

Greetings My Dear Readers!

This is my first ever (and hopefully not the last) post on my weblog and it’s a milestone for me…a commitment to share my not-so-exciting life with others…

Why would anyone want to start a weblog?

Well, others in it for money (haha, ain’t that a revelation!)…Some are in it for the experience – to escape their rather boring lives and share whatever boring details their mediocre and boring lives have to offer (I think I fit into this category, haha)…And then, there are those who are in it for the fun and the ever expanding network of friends they meet along the highways and by-ways of cyberspace. There are those select few who are in it for noble reasons and may they go forth and multiply!

As for me, myself and I, I’m into it to make your eyes fall off reading all the mundane features and insignificant incidents and accidents in my life – so be prepared!

I plan to write at least two posts a week, that’s my goal!

Let me know if I’m falling behind on this (yes my dear reader, you have a responsibility!) No turning back now, you’ve read this far!

Since I’ve started this, might as well see where it’ll take me, so will you take this journey with me? You’ll have to put up with a rather complicated, contradicting  person here but I have faith in you, so let’s do this!


2 Responses to “My First Post – A Milestone”

  1. jan January 23, 2009 at 1:33 pm #

    CONGRATZ on your web blog! hope there’s more postings to come! una ako nagcomment! wow that’s the first..first lahat ito! hehehe…ai pahabol poetic diay ka riz!nakz!?kinsa imong fave n poet?hehe

  2. rizzimeia January 23, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    Thanks for the comment!

    Hopefully, more posts to come =)

    Yes, you’re the first to comment! Wow!

    Apparently, may dugong makata pala ako, hahaha!
    Hmmm, favorite poet? Hirap sagutin!

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